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RitaConnors Mon 16-Nov-15 12:55:34

I've just moved to Derbyshire. I've applied for a year four place for my nine year old at my 'normal' school but it is full and she did not get a place.

The letter also had a list of schools in order of distance from my house with the schools that had a place available highlighted but when I rang these schools none of them had a place. The distances are up to 2.6 miles and are measured as the crow flies.

One school that is on the list couldn't tell me as they are having an inset day today so only the office staff were there. She didn't sound very hopeful though!

I've just been to my normal/catchment school to ask to be put on their waiting list but the lady in the office said that they didn't keep waiting lists. She suggested that I appeal for a place.

I don't really know how to go about this. I have the form but I am not sure what to say on it.

The reasons I want her to go there are
1) Social. She doesn't know anyone at all here and there are dd on this street who go to the school. I feel she would find it easier to make friends as we would live close to the school.

2) Convenience. We can see the school from our house. It would make things much easier for us in practical terms and I want to get a job. Her older sister could collect her some days after school as it is close to the high school. There is a breakfast club every day and after school care.

3) we have just moved from another country and there dd was in year three. At this school the threes and fours are taught together whereas at some other school the year fours are taught with the year fives. Dd would struggle with this as she's not academically that strong.

Schrodingersmum Mon 16-Nov-15 13:24:16

Rita, you should contact your local education authority LEA which is either Derby city or Derbyshire depending on where you live

The LEA co-ordinate admissions not your school and all applications are made to them, you can ask to apply for any of your local schools with places and go on the waiting list if there is no place at present

If you apply for your catchment school and are refused a place you can then appeal for a place which the LEA will explain to you

If this happens there are a number of admissions experts on this site who can advise you further

Given that the school has mixed year classes it sounds as though its fairly small and you may have more luck securing a place at a bigger primary if you are near one

RitaConnors Mon 16-Nov-15 14:01:57

Hi, I have applied through the Admissions procedure and it was through them that I was given the (inaccurate) list of schools that were supposed to have a place.

I've rung them back to ask for a list with schools further away who have a place but the person who I need to talk to wasn't there and they hadn't called me back.

I w to to appeal for my catchment school as even if there is a space elsewhere it's going to be more the three miles. In a straight line as well!

I'm not finding the admissions department all that helpful really.

eddiemairswife Mon 16-Nov-15 14:19:53

For in-year admissions, in some areas you apply through the LEA, but in others you have to apply directly to the school. You need to ascertain which operates in your area.

RitaConnors Mon 16-Nov-15 14:39:50

Yes it's through the LEA here but they don't seem to be up to date with where there are actual spaces. Anyway, if I appeal for my catchment school, what grounds can I appeal on?

prh47bridge Mon 16-Nov-15 14:57:14

Before you go down that route you need to get the LA to live up to its responsibilities first. If you have applied they must find a place for your daughter. It isn't good enough to just say that there are no places available at the school(s) you named. Get on the phone to them and ask what they are doing about finding a place.

As you have applied for your local school and been rejected you can appeal. As this is Y4 it will be a normal prejudice case. That means you have to show that the prejudice to your daughter through not being admitted outweighs the prejudice to the school through having to cope with an additional pupil. Your case must be about your daughter. Things like convenience are not usually relevant.

Right now I would appeal on the basis that the LA has failed to find a place for your daughter anywhere and therefore she needs a place at the local school. If no place is awarded your daughter will continue to be out of education. If nothing else that should prompt the LA to come up with some kind of offer. They won't want to go into an appeal hearing where they haven't offered a place at all.

Schrodingersmum Mon 16-Nov-15 15:01:02

Rita, I am in Derbyshire so know how you feel, in my experience City are worse than shire

Apply for catchment, when they refuse you can then appeal BUT if it is a small school that is already too full without a compelling case you will not win your appeal

Thats why I suggested checking your next nearest school, it may not be ideal but you can always remain on the waiting list for your catchment school and if a space becomes available, if you best fit the admission criteria it should be offered to you

RitaConnors Mon 16-Nov-15 16:20:55

Thanks everyone. I'll do the appeal form then. It will I have looked at my next schools. Up to 2.59 miles away and there isn't a space in any of them. Unless there is a space at the one where they can't tell me as the head is away on a course, but it didn't sound very hopeful.

I've phoned admissions twice since I got the letter but they just pass me about telling me I need to speak to so-and-so but they aren't in right now etc.

prh47bridge Mon 16-Nov-15 16:58:27

Contact admissions in writing - email will do. That way you have an evidence trail if you need it. Ask them what they intend to do about getting a school place for your daughter. They must find a place.

admission Mon 16-Nov-15 21:49:28

Totally agree with PRH, send an email saying that your daughter needs a place and that it is the LA's legal responsibility to find a place for her. Given how much passing you around is taking place, you need to do everything in writing.

That however is unlikely to be the school nearest your home, so you will probably have to go to appeal.

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