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Questions for book quiz . . . help needed :)

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Sadik Sun 15-Nov-15 09:51:28

Posting this here rather than children's books, because I'm looking for questions that non/less-bookish children will be able to answer!

The questions will be 'hidden' as part of a treasure hunt, but I'd like everyone to be able to answer them (probably working with others) when they find them. Eg. for older dc 'Who are Harry Potter's best friends' (or maybe 'What are Harry Potter's parent's called')

I'm thinking of age groups (1) seven and under - assuming a bit of parental help - and (2) eight and up, with ten questions for each. All suggestions welcome smile I'm particularly out of touch with the younger group, for the older ones maybe questions based on Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants, How to train your Dragon, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson? But no idea what under 8s read these days???

TeenAndTween Sun 15-Nov-15 10:07:44

For young ones:

What animals does the Gruffalo meet?
Why does the monkey get returned in 'Dear Zoo'
Where does Mrs Boot the farmer live?
Who are the friends of Duck in t the Duck in the Truck series of books


What are the names of the 2 girls in the rainbow fairy books?
(Bonus points) Describe the plot of every rainbow fairy book ever wink
What is the name of the vets in the animal ark series
Something about beast quest (no idea what)
Something about Dinosaur cove (no idea what)
How big is Hercules Morse?
Name Katie Morag's two grandmothers.
Something about the Mr Men?

Over 8s
Don't forget Tom Gates
Maybe some classic books too - e.g. The Borrowers?

TeenAndTween Sun 15-Nov-15 10:12:32

In 5-8s you could also include Charlie and Lola books. e.g. In 'I will not ever never eat a tomato' what does Lola end up calling the tomatoes? or just 'What is the name of Marv's dog in the Charlie and Lola series of books'

Other Lauren child books: Clarice Bean, & Who's Afraid of the Storybook Wolves should be known I think.

Dr Seuss? (Which somebodies have to clear all the snow away?)

azerty Sun 15-Nov-15 10:17:42

Something about Thomas - which train is a particular colour/number?
What is Lola' s imaginary friend called?
What is the name of the multi-coloured elephant?

Sadik Sun 15-Nov-15 10:54:17

These are just what I need, many thanks smile

(And grin to 'what is the plot of every single Rainbow Magic book?' - I still remember them fondly not and dd is a teenager)

teeththief Sun 15-Nov-15 12:53:48

I don't know any of the answers to teenandtweens questions! And neither did my bookish 8 year old DD. The trouble is, if they haven't read the book they can't even guess at the answer and you can't guarantee everyone has read any particular book.

Sadik Sun 15-Nov-15 13:20:09

If it helps, it will be in a library, so I can make sure there are copies of the relevant books findable.

(But if you don't know the Rainbow Magic answer, I can only assume you don't have a girl of the relevant age . . . or are extremely fortunate!)

TeenAndTween Sun 15-Nov-15 13:40:32

teeth You and your DD have missed out then!

Especially Hairy Maclairy from Donaldson's Dairy! (With his friend Hercules Morse as big as a horse, and Bitzer Maloney all skinny and bony etc)

Have you really not read (100 times) The Gruffalo?
Nor got the board book 'Dear Zoo'?

Katie Morag has wonderful illustrations.

Rainbow fairies are very formulaic but most 8yo girls will have come across them, so for a team event should be ideal.

If in a library then that's great, they can look up the answers!

teeththief Sun 15-Nov-15 15:22:30

I've heard of all the books mentioned...just never read them (although we did watch The Gruffalo last Christmas, I may have had a couple of glasses of wine and fallen asleep though!)

I do have an 8 year old DD grin She's just never, thankfully, been in to the Rainbow Fairies.

If it's in a library then that will make it much easier anyway!

cariadlet Sun 15-Nov-15 16:37:55

I made book quiz (different ones for different ages groups) a few years ago for a book week at my school. I uploaded it to the TES website if you want to check it out. There might be some questions you can use. Go to TES, then Resources, then put "book quiz cariad2" as your search term.

Another things that I did was to print off loads of pictures of book characters and put them all over the school (you could put them around the library). Children had to find as many pictures they could and identify the character/book.

Sadik Sun 15-Nov-15 17:05:39

That's fantastic, cariadlet, thank-you! I'm part of a community library volunteer group, & we're having a fun afterschool session to try to get more children to become members, the pictures are a great idea too (though it's a very small library, so finding them won't be too hard grin )

Leeds2 Sun 15-Nov-15 20:38:52

We did once have find a (one of six) Golden Tickets (as in Charlie & The Chocolate factory) in the school library. If you do this, I would recommend telling the children that the tickets are NOT to be found in the pages of the books so no need to pull books off the shelves to look!!

Sadik Tue 17-Nov-15 18:56:39

I've got questions smile Any comments gratefully recieved - I've aimed relatively young for each age group as I don't want it to be too difficult or exclude the bottom end IYKWIM.

Age 7 and under:
What is Lola’s big brother called?
What island does Thomas the Tank Engine live on?
What colour is Mog the cat?
In The Gruffalo, name one of the animals that the mouse meets
What colour is Sali Mali’s hair?
How is Elmer different from a normal elephant?
What sort of animal is Paddington?
What are Cinderella’s special shoes made of?

Age 8 -11:
What are the names of the two girls in the Rainbow Magic books?
What place did Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy reach through a wardrobe?
What is Horrid Henry’s brother called?
What is special about Percy Jackson’s father?
How are the Astrosaurs different from normal dinosaurs?
What are Harry Potter’s two best friends called?
What sort of factory does Charlie visit when he wins a Golden Ticket?
What is Malory Towers?
What sort of animal is Spirit in the Beast Quest books?
What does BFG stand for in the Roald Dahl book?

TeenAndTween Tue 17-Nov-15 19:54:20

Looks good to me. Just did it with DD2 age 11.

She missed 3 on the younger quiz (Thomas, Elmer and Sali Mali).

She missed 4 on the older quiz (Rainbow, Astrosaur, Malory and Beast Quest).

Which was pretty much as expected as I know what she's read.

But I think she gets a bonus point for knowing that Paddington must be an Andean Bear as that's the only type of bear in South America. grin

Sadik Wed 18-Nov-15 08:53:29

Many thanks, Teen smile (I think only Welsh children know Sali Mali!)

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