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DC afraid of Teacher , what do I do?

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AdvicePleaseMN Wed 11-Nov-15 13:13:45

Have NC for this.

My DC (8) is scared of his teacher. I have been told (by other parents as well as children) that teacher shouts a lot during the course of the day. It seems to be his normal way of communicating. It's upsetting my DS.

My DS is starting to have a day off here and there because he gets chest pains before school starts and begs (literally on hands and knees) not to go in. I don't like or want this for him. I have given in and allowed him to stay home on some days, but not on others, as I don't want a habit of missing days to form or be seen by him as acceptable.

I don't know whether to approach the teacher or the Head or just try to get DC to get on with it but when I see him so upset I do feel for him.

I have made an appointment with his GP to check what the chest pains might be (but fully expect to be told they are down to stress or anxiety).

Any ideas how to approach this? Not in the UK so not fined for days off, no OFSTED or council involvement in school.

I want my DS to be happy again. I don't want to piss off his Teacher either.

I am just looking for some practical advice really. Thanks smile

Mishaps Wed 11-Nov-15 17:46:42

I would talk to the teacher and, failing any joy there, the head. No teacher should be shouting as a matter of course - they are only human and might "burst" very occasionally, but if it is his/her normal mode, that really is not good.

You have all my sympathy - I once had a child who was unhappy at school and it was misery. They do say that a family is only as happy as its least happy member - definitely true that!

amarmai Wed 11-Nov-15 18:42:36

maybe a dr can give you a note that you can use to get a change of class?

nicp123 Sat 14-Nov-15 21:47:13

I would discuss the situation with the teacher if I were you. She might even not realize that she is too loud! If the environment is calm and quiet at home you must mention it to the teacher so she can understand why your child getting anxious about going to school. If she denies it or is too defensive then raise the issue with school's Head of Year or HT. Try not to encourage child truancy in the meantime and also ensure your child doesn't actually have other underlying issues for refusal to go to school such as bullying or friendship problems.

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