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NLCS assessments for 4+ entry

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Ofelia15 Fri 06-Nov-15 15:34:31

Hello. I'm totally new here and really need advise and answers please-please-please! Can anyone, who has been actually through assessments rounds for 4+ at NLCS, tell me what exactly have they asked your girl to do??? I've seen many discussions, and suggestions about what they (school) might look for, but haven't seen any exact details. I want to try and get my 2.5yo in to this school. She has an outgoing (if not wild) personality, but I want to know exactly what to expect at these assessment so I can train her a bit (e.g. discussing a story). I've a got a whole year before actual assessments, but better get ready early. Could you please help??? Huge thank you!

angelpuffs Fri 06-Nov-15 17:08:50

Hi Ofelia
I'm in the same position as you- my DD is 2.5 and we will be sitting her for the assessments in January 2017 for NLCS and a few others. There are lots of details on other threads about what is asked- if you search for 4+ assessments NLCS they should come up. Are you sitting her for anywhere else? X

Ofelia15 Fri 06-Nov-15 23:07:24

Hi angelpuffs
I haven't looked at other schools yet. NLCS is a walking distance from our place. Also I've been to their open morning/school in action in October - fell in love with the school. However I do realise I need to be realistic and find other schools to apply as it's a big lottery really... By the way, can you recommend anything in North London area? Which ones are you going to apply?
On the subject of things being asked at assessments at NLCS - so far I've only seen suggestions on what might be asked, but no particular stories like " we went there, and that's exactly what my kids was asked to do" :-/ Will keep reading. Any advise from yourself? Are you doing anything to prepare your daughter?

angelpuffs Sat 07-Nov-15 05:09:42

Hi Ofelia

I know what you mean! We attended the school in action morning in October and fell in love with the school too. Maybe we were there on the same day...? :-) It's a fantastic school but very hard to get into- the girls need to be not only very bright but also confident and enquiring. Most parents think their daughter fits this bill but many don't get in so its essential to look elsewhere so you aren't left with no place!

The link to the thread is below- it is from a year or 2 ago and has many suggestions of what they ask in the assessments. No one will be able to tell you exactly what they ask as it varies and the girls are not the most reliable or forthcoming when they come out of the assessment but somewhere in the thread there is a list of the types of things they should be able to do:

It's mainly things like having a good pencil grip, being able to recognise and write own name, ask questions about a story, put on a dressing up costume, sequencing, know colours, shapes, number recognition etc. We've got lots of time to prepare so I'm going to be doing lots of puzzles and things with my daughter.

Other schools we are applying to are South Hampstead, channing and possibly Haberdashers although the latter is a bit far from us. Also a couple of pre preps nearby (we are in East Finchley) and one back up though we haven't decided on this one yet :-). You've missed the deadline for south Hampstead but all the others you'll be fine for. Feel free to pm me for more info :-)
Is your daughter currently at nursery?

Ofelia15 Sat 07-Nov-15 09:32:34

Hi angelpuffs - just sent you PM. Let me know if you got it. I'm new here, so not sure if done it the right way smile

angelpuffs Sat 07-Nov-15 13:56:01

Thanks- got it and have replied! X

Lifelovelaugh Wed 09-Mar-16 04:14:21


I am new to this group and also in the same place as you are . But my baby is only 14 months now and I am starting to think the schools I need to consider and what prep d I need to do.

Keen to know if they assess parent's in areas such as affordability, parent's education ( to understand parent's ability to teach at home ) etc..

CB2009 Wed 09-Mar-16 12:27:47

While everyone entering would love to know the exact nature of the tests/assessment then it is very hard to find definitive content. A number of reasons. Some schools do alter the content from year to year to avoid over preparation or because of a new head/leader of early years. If someone told you exactly what to expect based on prior years and it altered then that could lead to disappointment too. The schools want to guard the content so as to judge entrants fairly and not just find the best prepared. Many people will not tell you the content as they are in fact your direct competition for places. There is lots of info on MN about broadly what to expect which is probably the best you will get. Best of all could be someone whose DD got in recently but even then 3/4 year old children all have different interpretations of what the assessment involved. I have heard little ones come out of the assessments saying it was easy and not be offered a place. Others say they found it hard and ended up with an offer. Read loads. Talk loads. Count loads

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