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Catchment Area for Fern Hill & Latchmere Primary Schools in North Kingston

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happyyo Fri 06-Nov-15 14:05:09

Hi mums,

Moving out of London and looking into Thames Ditton and North Kingston (our little one is 3.5 and will be starting Reception next year) so doing as much research as possible on both areas school wise. We want a non faith school so in North Kingston that will be Fern Hill or Latchmere; we have seen a house in Tudor Drive which we like but i called the Council and the distance to either of them was out of what the catchment area was las year - anyone out there lives or knows someone living in Tudor Dr that could advise?

Many thanks!

devparent Mon 09-Nov-15 13:26:39

I live in that part of Kingston and both those schools are heavily oversubscribed as they are outstanding and you have no chance of getting a place unless you live within the tiny catchment areas which can vary year to year but not by very much.

If you really want to your child to go to either school buy or rent a home within this year's catchment area rather than taking a chance on something outside it.

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