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Please help! What's involved in the King's College Junior 7+ interviews?

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eiandiq Wed 04-Nov-15 11:31:38

The 7+ King's College Junior School interviews are upon us. Can any experienced parents advise if their DS wore their school uniform or ordinary clothes to the interviews? Did you keep your DS at home before the interview or send him to school? DS is a marmite child and people either love him or loathe him as he can be very argumentative. I'm terrified he will get into an argument with the interviewer. I guess that is a big no, no as all the boys I saw at Kings were very obedient and mild mannered. How did your DS find the experience?

Youarenotthebossofme Wed 04-Nov-15 12:38:20

Our son went in his uniform. His interview was at lunch time so we picked him up from school and went straight there. Your son ( and the other boy he will be paired up with) will have 10 min of easy peasy chit chat with the interviewer. All very civilised and friendly ( can't see how your son could have an argument), some reading aloud, chat about himself etc. The boys always come out happy having had an opportunity to talk about themselves!
If your son is an argumentative scallywag then I think your biggest worry should be assessment day when he will have to, well, is expected to, cooperate with the other boys in his group. If he does get into Kings with this argumentative behaviour, they will come down on him and it will not be
I wouldn't say Kings boys are 'mild mannered' they generally have very good manners but are far from 'mild'!
Drill some good manners into your son, this would involve explaining that stroppy arguing is not acceptable, but the other 95% of his personality is. If he cares whether people 'loathe' him he can change how he reacts to situations that set him off. If he doesn't care if people 'like' him and will be argumentative anyway, then I think that is a very tough hurdle. Perhaps he needs to mature a bit, there is always 8+...

eiandiq Wed 04-Nov-15 16:05:42

Thank YOU for the reassurance about the low probability of having argument with the teacher but what about the other interviewee? It is nerve wracking to think how 2 boys trying to outshine each other in an interview will behave. I have read the boys will need to do some sight reading and answer verbal comprehension questions and solve oral mental arithmetic and times tables questions. What is your DS supposed to do while the other boy answers the questions? Sit still and quiet as they would in class?

Youarenotthebossofme Thu 05-Nov-15 09:45:55

I wouldn't say that the boys are trying to 'outshine' each other! That sounds like it would involve soft shoe shuffle and a spotlight. It's more a getting to know you, are you confident in the basics, have you got good manners, are you an interesting boy who is interested in coming to Kings sort of meeting. I think a kid trying to do the hard sell would be annoying. I mean he has to get on with the other boy, it's not a fight to the death...
The questions take minutes if not seconds. How argumentative can your son be!? I imagine that he has to show respect to the other boy and to the teacher as the the other boy answers questions and reads aloud. Surely that wouldn't be a problem would it? I don't think whipping out a copy of the Illiad and reading quietly would gain 'points' either. grin

Examfactory Mon 09-Nov-15 20:59:27

I might be late but from what I heard they start with basic get to know type questions. Describe your and your parents routine day.. What you like most about current school. Times tables are usually there and as suggested a small comprehension. I think this "outshine" but at 7+ sounds too improbable to me. It's ok to lay out reasoning. Argumentative is not bad but one has to listen and react based on that. As said in activity morning you will have real challenge.
If you come from kings pre pre (squirrels of rowans) it's probably not bad as they will prepare the child very well. Don't worry it's all about being relaxed and pleasant.
Its not really that quantitative or exceptionally difficult.

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