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Rowans or Willington?

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Patience123 Wed 04-Nov-15 09:49:38

Hi there, my son will go to reception in Sep 2016. He has a assessment day coming in January in the Rowans. Any ideas about the assessment day? Any Rowans mums out there and what's your thoughts about the school?

I am also thinking of Willington too. Any Willington mums there with insights?


DrE678 Wed 04-Nov-15 10:30:14

I don't have any great insight about Rowans but I am a Willington mum so I can help you there. It's a truly lovely school with a genuine family feel. They are very approachable and the help we have had with choosing and preparing for senior school applications to very competitive schools has been second to none. My DS is very bright and it has absolutely been the right school for him as it has stretched and supported him. One thing I would say is to really think about whether you want single sex or coeducational as they offer different experiences, and visit both schools if you haven't yet as I found they had quite a different feel when we were looking.

Patience123 Wed 04-Nov-15 11:18:57

Thank you DrE678, that would be what I want for my son to get his individual support and help and he will enjoy his school. I visited both schools. They both feel homey however Rowans feels more academic focus and Willington feels a bit relax (in a good way). I am not sure about co-ed or single sex, or I should say I don't mind? The most important thing for me as a parent, I want the school to support him as an individual!
Willington mums & Rowans mums, what was the important factor for you to make the final decision?

DrE678 Wed 04-Nov-15 12:33:38

I think Willington does have the reputation of being a bit more relaxed but it's more that the boys are well supported. The most academic boys do as well as at any of the local hot house schools. Our decision was based on several factors. We wanted an all rounder school as we didn't know what our DS would excel at at such a young age. We had clues he was bright and sporty but they change so much over the course of their prep education. We wanted a small school so that all the teachers know our DS well and the head could give informed information to us about him, he wasn't just another boy in the school. We also wanted a good mix of other boys and parents, Willington has a lovely parent body and DS has made a great group of friends. DS is my PFB so I just wanted somewhere tha would value him and help him find his talents, more than anything. We did have a preference for single sex education as we realised fairly quickly that DS and DD learnt in very different ways and we also had an idea of the senior schools we wanted to aim for, which were all single sex, at least until Sixth Form.

Patience123 Wed 04-Nov-15 16:10:50

Thank you DrE678 for your informative reply and congratulations to your son's good result! Mr Chanter did show his enthusiasm driving the school to a high standard when I met him. You are so right, I want him to be in a good caring hand and 'he wasn't just another boy in the school'!

Patience123 Mon 09-Nov-15 18:53:21

Is Willington a very inclusive and nurturing school for the boys?

Any Rowans mums would recommend the Rowans?

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