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Looking to move out of the area and changing schools need advice

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jadeshau Wed 28-Oct-15 11:20:40


I am looking at moving out of the area next year. reason for moving is my parents are moving along with sister and we have a family business so the office will be moving too. we are looking at about 20miles away. My daughter is currently in year 2 in her primary school so I think this will be quite a smooth move over the summer ready for her to start a new school in September/ juniors. I will be moving into a rented property so the move will happen pretty quick when I have found the right area/house. how is best to apply for a new school or to see if they have spaces. anyone done this before? worse case my mother can home school (she is a retired primary school teacher) till we find a school we like with places. any advice on the best process for this will be really appreciated.

LIZS Wed 28-Oct-15 11:24:54

If it is an infant/junior system you can apply for a y3 place for Sept 2016 entry from your current address usually in January, then update it when you move nearer and go on waiting lists if needs be. If they are primary schools it would be an In Year application which you would make nearer the time of your move. Check your LA website for details

jadeshau Thu 29-Oct-15 09:49:48

thank you for your help. so I would only be able to check if there is spaces once we move and take her out of her current school?

LIZS Thu 29-Oct-15 09:56:59

You need to check with LA , they may allow you to apply shortly before your move. If a school has a place available in that year at the time they have to offer it to you. But do check you can't start a new application in January if they have any junior (7-11) schools for which everyone will need to apply, even if there is a link.

prh47bridge Thu 29-Oct-15 12:22:08

To clarify somewhat...

The LA for the area to which you are moving should be able to tell you which schools have vacancies although you may need to contact schools direct to check. If a school has a place available you can apply from your current address and they must offer the place to you. However, you have to take up the place fairly quickly so you can't do this too far in advance of moving. If you do end up applying from your current address you may need to apply via your current LA. You will have to check with them to find out what they want you to do.

If you want to apply from your new address you will need to check with your new LA when you can do so. Some will allow you to apply once you have exchanged contracts or equivalent, others won't accept an application until you have actually moved.

If the area to which you are moving has an infant/junior system you need to apply for a Y3 place from your current address by mid-January. This application would go to your current LA even if the schools you want are in a different LA.

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