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Redbridge primary school application form

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Piazzapiola Mon 26-Oct-15 20:38:07

I've started completing my sons primary school application and I've noticed that for each school you list there is a box for you to add a few paragraphs about why you've put that school in that preference order.

Am assuming that what you write isn't part of the application criteria, so does anyone know what it's for? What's it used for?

lougle Mon 26-Oct-15 20:53:57

You're right and I don't know why they put the boxes in. I presume it is so they can catch errors (e.g. ticked 'distance' box but writes 'little Johnny would just love to be at the same school as his big sister!').

prh47bridge Tue 27-Oct-15 00:10:29

They put the boxes there because the Admissions Code requires them to do so (paragraph 2.1). However, why the Admissions Code has this requirement is a mystery. Your reasons for wanting the school do not form any part of the admission process.

Axekick Tue 27-Oct-15 07:39:02

The only time that comment box was used in our applications was during the appeal. I filled it in with the reasons I wanted dd to go.

The appeal panel read it out and it matched our grounds for appeal. Then moved on to the film appeal paperwork can only imagine if your appeal is very different from what you put there it could effect the appeal.

But aside from that it isn't used.

prh47bridge Tue 27-Oct-15 12:53:58

if your appeal is very different from what you put there it could effect the appeal

The reasons stated on the form should only be relevant in an appeal if the parents are arguing that the admission authority has been unreasonable in refusing to admit their child. Having said that, I have come across some reports of appeal panels that seem to think the parents must give reasons in their application that match their appeal case.

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