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How soon to organise childminder (for before & after school)

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linzimummy Mon 26-Oct-15 09:48:55

My daughter will be starting school next September. I find out in April which school she has got into it. I will need a childminder to do some of the school runs and/or pick-ups. Should I start searching now and get my name down? Or should I wait to find out which school she's going to be at and then start looking? I'm just panicking in case all the childminders who do whichever school she gets into will be fully booked.

Thanks for any advice/experiences of this.

mrsmilesmatheson Mon 26-Oct-15 11:12:07

I started chatting to local childminders the Christmas before dd started school. Just to find out who picked up from where and what my chances of getting a place were. Then phoned again the day I got her place as there is only one childminder who picked up from her school and luckily for us is absolutely amazing smile. She had remembered me from our meeting and had mentally pencilled us in.

Definitely not too early to at least ask around, then you know what your options are when the time comes.

linzimummy Mon 26-Oct-15 15:11:51

Thank you. I think I'm just worrying in case there's a waiting list and then I'll be stuck! Not sure how it all works. Thank you for your reply.

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