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Does Berkhamsted prep (in Herts) support to prepare 11+ or 13+ exams to other senior schools (e.g. Habs, Merchant Taylor's etc)?

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moonprayer Sun 25-Oct-15 10:16:53

... From what I read, it doesn't seem so?

Zodlebud Sun 25-Oct-15 11:13:03

It's a resounding no. I asked the question, "Do most children stay here at 11 or do they move to the grammars or other schools?". They looked at me like I had asked the most ridiculous question. 99% stay on throughout the whole school with only a couple leaving at 11. There are numerous other prep schools in the area that do prepare for 11+, 13+ and common entrance though.

moonprayer Sun 25-Oct-15 11:25:49

Thank you very much Zodlebud. I did know some schools around but couldn't determine which ones to go for. Edge Grove seems to have mixed reviews. Manor Lodge looks good but I am not sure whether my son will get in during the assessment as he is generally very quiet and need some time to open up. Aldenham is said to be not very academically competitive (some may not agree but I didn't see the data of feeding to top senior schools). Would you please recommend some good prep schools which do prepare for 11+ or 13+? Thanks a lot!

Zodlebud Sun 25-Oct-15 13:09:35

Have a look at Beechwood Park and
Westbrook Hay as forerunners. Chesham Prep and York House are lovely but don't seem to have much "punch". Boys only then Lockers Park or Aldwickbury. The Beacon in Chesham also has a good reputation but quite sporty.

Needanadulttotalkto Wed 28-Oct-15 03:36:37

Edge grove I toured and quite liked, except for their slightly reluctant attitude to SEN. seemed otherwise brilliant though!

Aldenham seems like a lovely lovely school and I've only ever heard about happy children there, but academic it is not.

There's a prep in Radlett, but it seems to get mixed reviews.

Merchant Taylor's have now acquired Northwood Prep, and that currently feeds to tons of different seniors, but the acquisition is very recent so I don't know if that would change in time?

I think there are another few preps in the Northwood sort of area, but I can't remember names.

Have you tried searching the IAPS website?

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