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Primary schools in Hastings/St Leonards

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Yeahyeahyeahs Fri 23-Oct-15 20:28:43

Hi there - we are moving to the West Hill area and really like St Pauls school but not sure we will get in from that far away. Other than Sacred Heart can anyone recommend a good school that we have a good chance of getting into?
Thanks so much!

theshield Mon 26-Oct-15 11:16:49 in priory road (on the westhill is supposed to be good).Not sure about the other schools in the westhill area.
Christchurch in st leonards is a nice school.

AlbusPercival Mon 26-Oct-15 11:19:57

much too far for st pauls, castledown used to have a terrible reputation but is improving

Lillipuff Fri 22-Apr-16 01:39:14

We are relocating to Hastings and St Leonards, no house yet. I have two boys one going into year 3 the other year 6 in September.

Looking for some up to date advice on schools, places to go places to avoid. The older one is naturally academic, the younger one is a left field creative thinker and probably dyslexic (??) Both are quite shy. Looking for somewhere that has a good behaviour policy and happy kids, with a good mix of academic and creative/music.

Prefer small schools as that's what they are used to and would really appreciate some advice.

Lillipuff Fri 22-Apr-16 01:41:25

hi, what school did you go for in the end? What do you think?

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