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Private primaries/preps in St Albans

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Giraffable Thu 22-Oct-15 19:54:38

We are thinking of moving to St A for our kids to enter local schools for year 1 (girl) and year 3 (boy) (so start of prep school i think). I'm really confused about the private primary options in St A and how they relate to secondary. I'm just starting my research but it seems that most of the private primaries are prep schools that go to 13 (eg. Beechwood Park). However, the good private secondaries seem to be St Albans Boys and St Albans High School for girls which start at 11.

What do most people do for private primaries if they want to go onto those sorts of schools for secondary rather than boarding?

Can you recommend any? No idea if my kids will be academic (oldest just started reception, doing well so far). So we want somewhere that will push the kids if they are able to give them a chance to get into good secondaries but that isn't a hothouse! Also want local to St A as not keen on driving for miles every day - idea of moving out of London is to get better quality of life!

Any thoughts would be v welcome, especially from anyone who's done a similar move - it all feels a bit insurmountable at the moment and of course I guess there's no guarantee the schools we like would have places especially for non-standard entry at Year 1 for my DD. It must be possible though!

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