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Moving to London - DD age 3, too late for school registrations at Glendower, Falkner House etc?

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peonygarden Sat 17-Oct-15 21:36:15

Hi there - I am new here. Apologies if this topic has been discussed already - I could not find any info on it but that may well be my poor searching skills.

Moving to London in the spring with DD who will be 3 then. I have been researching schools (Kensington/Chelsea) and developed a list of possible schools (Glendower, Falkner House, Francis Holland, Kensington Prep etc) but when I contacted the schools to register, almost all of them have told me their lists are closed for 2017 already! They advised to check back in a year for a "possible" place on the waiting list to be invited for an assessment.

I know I need a place for her in a nursery as well, but right now I am really stressing about the 4+ assessments and getting a place for her at a good school. I read about some non-selective schools like Bute House and Pembridge Hall but the former appears to be a lottery system and the latter goes by birth, so I assume those are also unavailable to us?

How do the expats or others who move later in the process manage to find a place for their kids? It seems all the places have been already taken by those who were able to register their kids at birth.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated!

peonygarden Sat 17-Oct-15 21:44:54

P.S. we also have no contacts or influence at any of the schools, and from what I've read online, that can make a big difference. Have we got any chance at all?

MMmomKK Sun 18-Oct-15 01:21:51

If I were you - I'd get on any list I can, and look at more schools.
Here in Ken/Chelsea there is a lot of demand for these places, but also there is movement in the system, even quite late in the process. People sometimes hold multiple offers and let them go much later.

It is a stressful process, so I feel for you! I don't know anyone who didn't end up with a school place, so don't despair!

Are you set on Kensington? North London also has really good schools.

KingscoteStaff Sun 18-Oct-15 13:37:51

Try Newton Prep, just over Chelsea Bridge.

peonygarden Sun 18-Oct-15 13:57:42

Thank you so much for the replies and assurances. I will look at Newton Prep as well. Yes we are pretty set on Kensington/Chelsea.

Do you think it matters that we haven't got any influence at any of the schools? I read stories of parents sending chocolates, flowers, gift hampers etc to the schools, which sounds a bit transparent to me? But I don't know how the process works...

KingscoteStaff Sun 18-Oct-15 19:25:54

No chocs necessary for Newton - just a child that appears sparky and interested in things!

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