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Any advice with letters? dd confused

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Only1scoop Sat 17-Oct-15 10:19:42

My dd is 5 and now In year one.

At her previous primary school where she was in reception there was a massive emphasis on cursive writing and forming letters this way.

Her new school doesn't teach letter formation that way and although they have said they are not too worried about it, she seems a little upset about it all. They are trying to get her to form letters from the top etc and she is used to that whole sweep from the left etc. I thought at the time this cursive style was difficult for a then 4 year old. She is now caught between the two.

I meant to speak to her teacher yesterday. She has two weeks off now. Any tips for this transition between the two styles?

She's only 5 I don't wish to make a huge deal if it. She certainly identifies though that everyone writes differently to her. She is in an exceptionally small setting now. Extra help wouldn't be a problem.

Huge thanks for any tips.

Only1scoop Sun 18-Oct-15 13:18:17

Any ideas?


GreenSand Sun 18-Oct-15 13:37:35

Could you show her that you and her Dad (or another grown up) both have different styles of writing, but form your letter properly, and that is what is important?

spanieleyes Sun 18-Oct-15 13:43:25

The difficulty will be that, in year 2 or 3 the school presumably then moves onto cursive script so she will then have to go back again to where she is now!
Have the school said she MUST change over to the new style? If they are happy for her to continue with her cursive style, can you persuade her that her style is absolutely fine and everyone in her class will be writing like her soon!

Narp Sun 18-Oct-15 15:11:56

Gosh, this is a real PITA for her

I would try and talk to the school again, and ideally she should be reassured by them that what she is doing is correct. It's probably hard for her to understand that it's OK for her to be doing what she's doing in comparison to others, unless given lots of reassurance by the teachers.

AFAIK, lots of children find the transition to joined writing much easier the way your DD has been taught, even though it' seems unnecessarily fussy at the start

Only1scoop Sun 18-Oct-15 15:15:08

Thanks all for your suggestions and views.

Teacher seems very laid back about it but I'm going to have a word I think after the holidays and make sure we are all on the same track. Whichever that may be.

Thanks all

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