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Thoughts on Bassett House Prep in Notting Hill

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stquintin Fri 16-Oct-15 22:26:24

I would appreciate some advice about this school. Is it on a par with nearby schools such as Chepstow House, Notting Hill Prep, Pembridge Hall etc?

Any general advice about West London (Notting Hill and Kensington) prep schools would also be very helpful. Thank you.

Mumofthree1976 Sat 17-Oct-15 11:51:06

HI stquintin - I do not know the other schools but there were a lot of children who were not happy with Bassett House and moved to our Prep a couple of years ago. The parents were on our school's waiting list and slowly moved their children over as and when places came up. I know Orchard House (a sister school to Bassett) well and current parents there also complain that the school is not great at spotting various learning difficulties, not great at learning support and have been quite unhelpful with the 11+ admissions. Might be worth going around to look at the schools as that would give you a better indication of whether they have upped their game in the last year or so. Otherwise - there is Fulham Prep and Kensington Prep and I know children and parents there who are very happy. Norland Place is another one in the Holland Park area with good reviews. All these schools tend to be over subscribed and operate on a waiting list so I would get visiting and registering as soon as possible.

stquintin Sat 17-Oct-15 13:47:03

Thank you Mumof3. Which prep do your children attend?
Were the children small when they moved over from Bassett to your prep, or were they further up the school?

I have noticed that Bassett House tends not to be mentioned on blogs about West London schools. doesn't mention Bassett, neither does Mumsinthewood, yet they both mention neighbouring schools. Bassett House has also dropped off the Tatler Schools Guide.

Is there a reason for this or is it just a school which doesn't promote itself? Yet it seems to be more active on Twitter than some of the other schools.

I do not feel experienced enough to be able to gauge the level of a school just from a day visit.
All very confusing...

Mumofthree1976 Sat 17-Oct-15 14:08:06

Our kids are at Ravenscourt Park and we absolutely love it there - great ethos, emphasis on good behaviour, good teaching and lovely community feel despite them having expanded a few years ago.

The Bassett House children all joined at Year 4 and the parents did so purely because they weren't happy with many aspects of the school including the academic and pastoral side.

However this small group may not be a true reflection of the rest of the school community so definitely worth asking around and visiting the school.

PinkPenz Mon 19-Oct-15 11:14:51

I wouldn't pay too much attention to blogs, Tatler guides etc. You're better off going to visit schools and seeing if there is a fit with your child. It's a bit like buying a house - you will know from the atmosphere whether you like a school or not - something I like, you might hate and vice versa.

Think about what you want - single sex vs coed, 11+ vs 13+ exit, day or boarding for secondary. A selective (hothouse) vs a broader intake, smaller school vs bigger small.

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