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Reception year lunch, few concerns

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Helloall1 Tue 13-Oct-15 16:23:22


My DS has just started reception, he seems to have settled well and enjoys it. However he states they have dry pasta for lunch each day (as well as a main and veg). I thought he may be mixing dry pasta up with rice etc...but no. I checked with teachers and they are given dry pasta on its own, no sauce every day.
I wouldn't eat that, who would?

They state are looking into changing it. I feel a little duped as they said they offer at least two options and do healthy eating etc. I realise we can swap to packed lunch but we want him to have a hot lunch.

Also, with it being such a big class we worry he is getting lost in the crowd. He was hit by another child yesterday, no one noticed the red lump on his face until I picked him up and asked how it happened.

I guess what I'm asking is, what hot meals are your reception child being offered and do you agree dry pasta every day is unreasonable? I know they have to cater for large numbers, but still.

Regretting not choosing a smaller school.

Thank you x

Leeds2 Tue 13-Oct-15 16:44:06

I have no children of primary school age, but dry pasta every day sounds a bit grim! I would've thought they could offer baked/mashed/boiled potatoes/rice on other days, and also supply a bit of grated cheese to put over the pasta.

Helloall1 Tue 13-Oct-15 17:13:17

I agree, how boring!

They have agreed to look into it, so fingers crossed. I was just wondering if I was being picky as not sure anyone else has mentioned anything.

nilbyname Tue 13-Oct-15 17:26:05

We get a choice of 3 meals to or select each day. Things like-
Roast dinners
Whole meal pizza
Pastas with sauce!
Cooked veg
Then a pudding or fruit/yoghurt

nilbyname Tue 13-Oct-15 17:27:12

And then always and fish and chips on a Friday!

PenelopeChipShop Tue 13-Oct-15 17:30:21

Mine isn't in primary yet but the nursery changes the menu daily, I would expect the same from school? No one wants to eat the same thing day after day do they, and as for no sauce, that's just horrid! Jamie Oliver would not approve... Glad they are looking into it for you.

BondJayneBond Tue 13-Oct-15 17:33:08

Plain pasta every day sounds pretty bad.

DS1's school has a choice of 2 meals a day (1 is always vegetarian).
Mains have included chilli, casseroles, pasta with various sauces, sausages, fish, curries, roast dinners, with cooked veg or salad on the side. Plus pudding. A cooked pudding of some sort about half the time and fruit / yoghurt the other half.

Leeds2 Tue 13-Oct-15 17:33:49

Thinking about it, it is fish and chip Friday at the primary where I volunteer too! It gets lots of mentions from the children.

They also have jacket potatoes every day with, I think, butter and/or beans and/or cheeses that there is hopefully something available for children who don't like the mains on offer.

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Tue 13-Oct-15 17:34:28

Plain pasta everyday is shit.

My youngest is in reception and today he had chicken, new potatoes and veg. Theres also a veggie option and a jacket potato option every day.
Menu different every day in three week cycles.

WhispersOfWickedness Tue 13-Oct-15 17:38:50

That does sound rubbish, my DC get a choice of three meals (we order online a couple of weeks in advance), they only get repeated about every 2-3 weeks.

SuburbanRhonda Tue 13-Oct-15 17:42:52

OP, what do you mean by this:

dry pasta for lunch each day (as well as a main and veg)

Do you mean plain pasta, and do you mean as a thing on the side? Because initially I thought you meant they had plain pasta as the main part of the meal.

Twistedheartache Tue 13-Oct-15 17:43:40

3 options each day here chosen on the day. Menu on 3 week cycle.
Today was cheese topped fish pie, quern mince with garlic & herb potato or cheese & tomato pasta.
Veg & Salad every day, pudding or fruit or yoghurt.
I've been really impressed so far
Also snacks in classroom morning & afternoon provided. Fruit/carrot sticks/tomatoes

DaimYou Tue 13-Oct-15 17:49:16

No choice here. There's a vegetarian option, but only if you're vegetarian everyday iyswm. Menus on three weekly rotation

However, it's all "real" meals so if it's pasta there'll be bolognaise or pasta bake. If potatoes, rice or bread are the more "normal" option, that's what we have.

Many staff eat the same meals as dc - imo it's on a par with bottom end chain pub grub.

NewLife4Me Tue 13-Oct-15 17:53:57

What used to bug me was the awful over cooked veg and turkey swizzlers then stating they were healthy.
Along with there being a ridiculous combo if you weren't one of the first classes in dinner hall. you get what's left. grin
All very grim.

exLtEveDallas Tue 13-Oct-15 17:55:58

We have a choice of 2 'mains' meat/fish or vegetarian

Plain pasta, rice or potato is a 'side' dish every day
Plus a Vegetable side (either carrots, peas, beans or sweetcorn) every day

So if the 'main' is a choice of Fish fingers or Cheese Pasty they could have (for eg) fish fingers with pasta and sweetcorn, or fish fingers with potato and peas. Veggies could have cheese pasty with rice and carrots.

There is also a salad bar and pudding options.

SuburbanRhonda Tue 13-Oct-15 17:57:07

Did they really claim turkey twizzlers were healthy, newlife?

I thought the whole healthy kick came long after Turkey twizzlers were banned.

Helloall1 Tue 13-Oct-15 18:08:11

Thanks for so many responses, I'm glad to hear others are getting a good selection.

Sorry, to clarify; today was quiche broccoli and dry pasta, yesterday was fish fingers, carrots and dry pasta. Obviously I'm fine about the 'main' meat etc and veg, but it's always served with dry pasta on the side. Yuk!!

He has always been so good at trying new foods, what a shame he gets this boring stuff!

EmmaGellerGreen Tue 13-Oct-15 18:13:47

Yep, my DS has plain pasta everyday instead of rice/potato on offer. I think it's vile but he's in year 3 and still choses it every day. Today's joy was spaghetti Bolognese with pasta, cucumber and coleslaw. Blurgh.

BlueBlueBelles Tue 13-Oct-15 18:18:51

I've never realised plain cooked pasta was an issue. We often have it. It's DS2s favourite thing, and we've nearly always had pasta as a plain side, bit like you would a plain potato or rice.

Pobspits Tue 13-Oct-15 18:24:28

Dd has just started at a massive primary (120 in her year) and tbh I think it does them good - they have to find their feet and be relatively self sufficient. Something like a red mark I wouldn be overly worried about or really expect comment on.

At dc's school they get main meal choice / veggie choice / baked potato/ salad or sandwich every day. Plus there's soup and pudding - they can choose 2 courses. Cost is £1.90 for ds but dd gets it free.

Pico2 Tue 13-Oct-15 18:32:40

Do they have a choice of dry pasta or another, more normal, carb? E.g. Sausages & dry pasta or mash.

Lurkedforever1 Tue 13-Oct-15 18:33:34

Are you sure plain pasta is the only option every day? Rather than him just choosing it from pasta/ rice/ pots everyday?

Helloall1 Tue 13-Oct-15 18:49:07

Yes I'm sure it's the only option. I spoke with the teachers again today and they confirmed that reception and year one get given that option, with no alternatives. In the higher years they can choose other cards such as rice, potato etc.

I guess if you usually eat it at home, you may not see it as an issue. However, as explained he loves a variety of foods and we don't eat biege at home. Having that for five lunches per week is rubbish.

Few other niggles too, I guess I must be over thinking confused

Pico2 Tue 13-Oct-15 19:05:19

Why would they give them only that option? That is bizarre.

Pico2 Tue 13-Oct-15 19:05:43

Particularly when they are cooking other options.

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