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Oxford House in Colchester

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Buglife Sat 10-Oct-15 22:40:34

We are looking at Oxford House for DS. Has anyone sent children there? I have visited the school pre DS in a professional capacity and was impressed with the little I saw of the school. I'm confused a little by them describing themselves as a Montessori school but then it seems they become very academic and 'traditional' in the upper school years. I worry as well that being a very academic school and basically pushing for 11+ success how would they support of for example DS struggled or had difficulties? I never thought I'd be looking to send my child to a private school and I find it hard to really get any non school information on them. Or has anyone any information on the other private schools? (Holmwood House, Colchester High, Littlegarth maybe but the drive would be a bit much every day.)

Suffolkgirl1 Sun 11-Oct-15 16:18:08

I have friends and colleagues with DC at all of your mentioned schools. Oxford House is definitely the school of choice for those for whom the 11plus and a place at one of the state grammar schools is the only aim. Holmwood house goes to age 13 and so is popular with those not wanting to change school at 11. It prepares for entry at 13 plus rather than 11 and would definitely be the best choice if boarding is a future option. Colchester High has a reputation of doing well with the less accademic child and is the only one of your list that goes to age 18.
However most of my acquaintances have choosen Little Garth and have been very happy with the school.

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