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9 Class teachers in 3 years

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mammasmadhouse Sat 10-Oct-15 15:42:42

Since my dd started junior school, her class have had to cope with an array of teachers, by the end of the current year she will have had 9 teacher changes in 3 years. I wrote to the HT in July last year outlining my concerns and she said they were doing the best they can. We had a letter this week to advise of a further change for the remainder of the term, the supply that will looking after the class until the new teacher starts is abrupt and abrasive and has little time for explaining things to children who struggle and it is clear that her only objective is to deliver her lesson. A number of parents are concerned about this, but apart from flagging them to the HT what else can we do??
Next year will be SATS year what then???
My DD is a bright girl but has struggled with the changes and lack of class ownership, this is not how I though her primary education would be and I worry about the impact going forward...

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