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Help with understanding IEP

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vickibee Thu 08-Oct-15 13:56:36

MU son is in Y4 and has had an IEP for about 18 Months, in particular he is struggling with maths and is still only around L2.
We want to challenge school in that they are not doing enough to help but are unsure how to approach without rocking the boat. The Targets on the IEP have remained the same for each time it is reviewed, there is no indication of how progress is being measured or monitored. In addition the resources made avail to help are limited, very little additional teacher or TA help. We have got the help of a pricvate tutor but at �25 per hour we can't pay for that indef, just hoping he can do a little catch up

Can somone knowledgable in this area help me out? How should the school be helping and can I do anything?

vickibee Fri 09-Oct-15 09:52:57

Bump anyone?

Autumnsky Fri 09-Oct-15 10:12:23

I don't have expierence on this . However, I think math in primary school is generally simple, I would just try to help him myself. Teacher does has the responsiblity, but there are 30 children in the class, so only 1/30 of his/her attention can be given. It won't be as effective as you do it at home.

Do you know what your DS's level? If you know, then I would just buy some worksheet or ask some from teacher, and do it with DS at home, say 20 minutes a day. Then you can find out what area your DS is struggling at, and keep practicing with him.

Fizrim Fri 09-Oct-15 10:19:28

Have you asked the SENCO for any feedback? Or taken part in the review meetings (ask, you can go along and contribute). It can be hard to get them to take action due to funding, but occasionally SENCOs work better when you prod them.

I HATED prodding the SENCO! They used to come out with these lists of actions and then not do them - I pointed out that these were things the school thought should be happening, not what I'd asked for (so why weren't they?). Even now, they can start well and tail off as the term progresses. I can't wait to be off the register!

BackforGood Fri 09-Oct-15 18:29:37

The targets he is set, should be achievable.
They should be reviewed about every 3 months (once a term). If he's not achieved them, then it shouldn't just roll on, there should be discussion about why not - were they pitched wrong in the first place? Hasn't he had enough help?
Then realistic targets should be set, along with an explanation of what the school are doing to ensure he meets the targets. You can say to the school - what happens now? If he's not making progress, what is the next step ?
It should NOT just roll on, not achieving anything.
You should make an appointment with the SENCo to discuss it all, if they've not been inviting you to the reviews.

vickibee Wed 04-Nov-15 10:52:16

I put my concerns in writing to the class teacher and this has resulted in a meeting tonight with 2 x clas teacher and SENCo. My sis is coming with me as my DH cant get from work. Please advise how to get the best outcomes from the meeting for my son, I am not very confident, very shy and tongue tied. he is now making progress in maths as we have emplyed a private tutor, shoule we tell them this? thay are taking creidt for this and for over a year has made very little progess?

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