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Maple Walk School, NW London - thoughts?

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woodjess78 Sun 04-Oct-15 12:19:06

hello all,

I wondered if anyone has experience of Maple Walk School in Harlesden? in particular I'm interested in the pastoral side and their approach to supporting children who have confidence issues. My little girl has unfortunately undergone a lot of medical treatment and has a visual impairment and I'm looking for a really nurturing, supportive environment where it's not all about pressurising them about Phonics from day 1!
Thanks in advance for any insights

Mrbrowncanmoo Sun 04-Oct-15 13:37:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NW6mum1 Tue 10-Nov-15 14:03:17

I personally do not feel that it would be the right school for your child to attend if that is what you are after. There is much more of a focus now on "learning" and higher expectations than before. It is now officially a prep school and therefore there is a certain amount of pressure evident right from the early years, structured learning each day with quite a bit of homework etc. It would be worth speaking to the head in advance for support but our experience of the ability in dealing with such issues is not so positive. Your child may feel the pressure and it could be counter productive at some stage esp if she lacking in confidence now. Saying that, many of the children I know which attend are very lovely and gentle-natured and maybe your daughter could be the type of child who thrives in that kind of learning environment and become more confident as a result. You know best and go with your gut...are you considering any other schools?

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