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Can I ask for one day off to see another school?

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Frecklesandspecs Mon 28-Sep-15 18:32:12

Hi, I'm relocating with the children soon about 3 hours away.
I've two schools in mind and would like to visit beforehand.
I can't really leave the kids overnight and I'd have to stay at least one night to be able to go during the week.
Dd1 is in year 1
Do you think they would authorise it under the new rules?

SunnySomer Mon 28-Sep-15 18:36:00

Ask them. Our last school did.

admission Mon 28-Sep-15 23:06:56

In the circumstances it is unrealistic of the school not to authorise it but in truth what does it matter if you are moving shortly even if they will not authorise it.

futureme Mon 28-Sep-15 23:08:29

I would tell the school rather than ask to be honest. They arent likely to fine you for one day and it seems important that they visit the school. They're bound up in bureaucracy as to what they can/cant do but I'm sure they'd understand the reasoning!

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