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Liss/Liphook/Petersfield/Greatham etc - can you tell me about the schools?

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JeffreySadsacIsUnwell Mon 28-Sep-15 07:29:55

We're thinking of moving to the area. We know the secondaries are good (plenty of Mn threads on Bohunt and TPS!) but can anyone tell me about the infants/juniors/primaries in the area? We'll be applying for Yr and Y3 in Jan.

Interested in not just academic results but extracurricular activities, general atmosphere etc, though we need a school that's capable of stretching DC. I'd be a little worried about a very small village school, maybe unfairly?

Also - is there much going on in the area by way of children's activities?


NotSoDesperateHousewife Mon 28-Sep-15 07:42:28

I'm in the general area (TPS is a consideration for secondary) though not familiar with the specific primaries in those towns/villages. I think you are, perhaps, being unfair to village schools. Our DCs attend our village junior school and it's extremely good, as was/is the infant school. Generally speaking most schools in this area are very good and certainly stretch when necessary.
As for activities - there are loads! Especially in Petersfield. My eldest currently goes to four after school activities, DC2 to 3. There is a fantastic holiday activity provision from EHDC called RAPP/Get Activ8d that is both reasonable and good quality. We use it a lot.

JeffreySadsacIsUnwell Mon 28-Sep-15 09:23:26

Thanks for the reply.

In my defence, I did say "very small village school" rather than village schools in general wink - obvs don't know how big yours is, but most infant/junior combinations seem to have at least a PAN of 30, ie full class size? My concern in that respect is more about some of the tinier schools around with mixed year classes, e.g. PANs of 15 or 16 at Steep and Sheet, and by 'stretching' I meant both academically and socially. Are there enough children to form friendships with/does there tend to be a gender imbalance, etc? And yes, of course, can a school differentiate effectively between a bright autumn-born Y2 and a less academically-inclined summer-born YR in the same class, for example, and do they have enough critical mass for activities?

I don't have experience of such small schools, or indeed separate infants/juniors so all opinions are appreciated.

That's good to know about the activities - are they at your school or independent, eg Cubs/Beavers etc? I'm going to investigate the holiday provision, thanks for the info.

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