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dafi Sat 26-Sep-15 20:48:32

Just joined education city and used a friend code to get my 3 months free - thank you!
Mine is E2849D4F for anyone looking for a code.

oise Sun 20-Mar-16 22:31:02

Thanks dafi for your friend code. Just subscribed to education city and got my 3 free months. For anyone needing a friend code, mine is C7873A5F.

My son told me about education city as he uses it in school. He's loves it and my 4yr old is already enjoying the activities. No doubt this will get him well prepared for school this September.

PenguinVox Sun 20-Mar-16 23:10:51

Do you get the free three months when you pay for some months or is it like a completely free trial?

oise Sun 20-Mar-16 23:28:21

You get the free 3 months when you subscribe. Subscription is £29.95 per child for 12 months. If you use a tell a friend code, you get 15months instead of 12 months.

You can get a free trial for 10 days if you want to try it.

PenguinVox Sun 20-Mar-16 23:34:56

I see, thank you.

Wonderjay Mon 02-Jan-17 14:20:27

I just joined Education city. Its great. I used it for my first daughter years ago and it was very helpful. My tell a friend code is F8879D3C. You get an additional three months free when you sign up. If you are not sure, just sign up for a free trial first, then you can subscribe at the end of the free trial. Don't forget to use the tell a friend code F8879D3C when you subscribe.

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