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School In Year Application Sibling Policy

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AnnaGB Sat 26-Sep-15 13:50:07

We moved house during the summer and applied before school broke up to have our children admitted to our nearest local primary school. Before the end of the summer term one child (KS2) was offered, and we accepted, a place. A place in younger child's year (KS1) was offered during the summer holidays to another child without a sibling at the school so a lower priority. Sibling priority for school says "A child will be given sibling priority if they have a sibling on roll at the school concerned and that sibling is still expected to be on roll at that school at the time of the child’s admission."
So I am not clear what 'on roll' means as elder child hadn't started the new school but was enrolled to start in September yet we were not considered as having sibling priority.

LIZS Sat 26-Sep-15 13:55:25

Did you not already start a thread to which there were replies ? It sounds if he wasn't considered a sibling until other child had physically started at the school, but definition varies according to LA. First child would also need to still be attending at the point second enters school, ie couldn't be summer term of year 6 and other due to enter in the September.

teacherwith2kids Sat 26-Sep-15 14:01:48

We had this when we moved - DS was given a place in Year 1, and we were advised that he should attend school, even for a couple of days at the end of the summer term, to give DD sibling priority for entrance to reception, as no place was offered to her.

In the event, we managed to get DS to start about 3 weeks from the end of term, and DD was given a place from the top of the waiting list (she moved from 42nd when we originally applied, to 10th when we moved but DS had not started, to 1st when DS started) a couple of days before they broke up.

Had we not been advised (by the school secretary, who was very clued up) to start DS in the summer term, DD would have remained 8th and would not have been given a place - the next child admitted from the waiting list was at the beginning of Y3!

teacherwith2kids Sat 26-Sep-15 14:03:05

[In my county, on roll means 'in school'. So your younger child has had sibling priority only since September if your LA has a similar rule]

AnnaGB Sat 26-Sep-15 14:19:49

Sorry LIZS posted this twice by mistake.

Thanks for your replies.

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