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Class size change through primary age

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Sobloodyworried123 Mon 21-Sep-15 10:41:27

Can anyone advise me on the legal class sizes through primary?
I know it's 30 for reception but it's looking likely my children will have to start at different schools as have just moved area ( one reception this year and one next year ) and jusy wondering how long this will be for sad

reni2 Mon 21-Sep-15 11:02:40

It stays the same for KS1, so YR, Y1 and Y2.

Sobloodyworried123 Mon 21-Sep-15 11:09:12


tiggytape Mon 21-Sep-15 11:58:22

The limit is 30 children per qualified teacher from YR-Y2
After Year 2 (so from Year 3 on) there is no legal limit but that also doesn't mean more and more children can be admitted automatically.

To exceed the class size in Year 3 you can go to appeal (which will be easier to win than an Infant Class Size one) or the school / admission authority may agree to take more or go above published admission numbers.

Sobloodyworried123 Mon 21-Sep-15 12:01:38

So I could appeal in year 3 but who knows how that would go. Hard sad

reni2 Mon 21-Sep-15 12:42:32

Many schools don't increase class sizes by year 3, the classrooms are still the same size etc.. but yes, it is easier to win an appeal at that age. Year 3 can have free places because of the "state 'til 8" parents, depending where you live, but I wouldn't count on it.

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