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Argyle house school, Sunderland

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MadameJosephine Sun 20-Sep-15 19:51:54

Does anybody have any experience of this school? I'm considering it for DD, she's not 3 yet so won't start reception until 2017. I live in County Durham but work in Sunderland so would be really convenient, looks like a lovely school on paper, good exam results and fees are affordable but the fact the fees are lower than others in the area makes me think this is perhaps too good to be true. Do you think you get what you pay for or can a school with lower fees be just as good?

willowsmam Wed 04-Jan-17 14:15:47

Hi - I know this is a little late as you posted last year! Where did you decide on in the end? My little girl attends AHS.

MadameJosephine Fri 12-May-17 20:40:20

Hi I've only just seen your reply, sorry. We did decide to send her to Argyle House in the end so she'll be starting reception in September. In the process of selling my house and moving to Ashbrooke too so all being well we'll be walking distance from the school

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