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DS2 Yr 2 reading and spelling a total no go

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bacon Sun 20-Sep-15 15:54:27

Trying all the time at home, school do try, there are no issues, just cant get him to grasp simple words and spellings are totally out the window. Every week we get spellings but he cant hardly read so getting him to write words down is seriously impossible. Even going over the same words every week we are not getting very far 'The' for instance. Getting concerned now as the class is large and they are steaming ahead.

Best cause of action or has someone finally nailed this?

WildStallions Sun 20-Sep-15 15:57:19

Why do you say their are no issues?

Not reading or writing by Y2 are serious issues. Usually labelled as dyslexia.

But there most certainly are issues.

BoboChic Sun 20-Sep-15 15:59:43

When is his birthday?

Is school rigorous about teaching phonics?

mrz Sun 20-Sep-15 15:59:45

Can he decode simple words such as at, man, sip, tap?

orangepudding Sun 20-Sep-15 16:04:47

Has he had any assessments. My son had the same issue and now has extra support at school.

mrz Sun 20-Sep-15 16:08:38

Did he pass his Y1 phonics screening check?

Geraniumred Sun 20-Sep-15 20:42:48

'The' is actually a tricky word. Start with 'cat' instead. There evidently are issues if he can't read or spell after two years in school.

Molliepolly Sun 20-Sep-15 21:33:07

I think you need to ask to see the teacher with SENCO?

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