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Fundraising ideas!

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shayeestarxoxo Mon 14-Sep-15 17:28:36

Hi everyone! Were going to be having a big fundraising day at the nursery I work at and we have a few ideas of thing to do but would greatly appreciate some help!

We've decided either have a
1. Baked bean/custard/jelly bath
2. Wear wellies and gloves filled with custard
3. A vote for which staff to be gunged

Has anyone held or been to any events where these have occurred and know which is the most successful? Would really appreciate all ideas thank you!


hookedonamoonagedaydreem Mon 14-Sep-15 20:45:13

I'm not sure that I've been to one quite like that...

Usually the things that make money are the raffle where someone goes round to local business and persuades them to donate prizes (food hampers, salon treatments that sort of thing).

The there are cake sales, guess the number of jelly beans in the jar, guess where the £50 note is hidden (you have the numbers 1-100 on a board, £50 profit, £50 prize, or if you are lucky the winner will offer to put thier winnings into the charity pot).

You ideas sound good but you need to work out the cost of enough beans to fill a bath etc, usually profit margins are really tight, at least for state run nurserys.

Bluecarrot Mon 14-Sep-15 20:50:16

I saw a fundraiser which was a piece of paper asking you to donate what you would have felt obliged to spend on a bake sale/buying cards /a tea towel etc that your dc designed, and so on. Seemed a good idea all round.

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