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Place Value and Maths support

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ClearBlueWater Sun 06-Sep-15 11:20:22

My ds teacher says he has trouble with 'all 4 basics of Maths' and refers to him as Dyscalculic, (he is also dyslexic) but that he is 'fine with place value'.

This is his recent place value work:

Q: Put the following in place value:

1. 501 416 370

A: 1 milno, 6 fowsnd, 3 hunrid, 7 t0ns, 0 untils
Q: 501 416 370

A: 1 millin, 6 thowsnd, 3 nnrd, 7 tns, 0 untils

Q: Which of the following numbers has 409 thousands and 6 tens?
818 490 665, 808 090 563, 881 409 564, 818 409 656?

A: 818,490, 656

Apparantly, he needs no 'maths support'

He is 11.

irvine101 Sun 06-Sep-15 12:10:32

Khan Academy has lots of tutorial videos explaining maths concepts, not just place values.

I'm not sure how link works.. sorry, if it didn't.

ClearBlueWater Sun 06-Sep-15 12:59:39

thanks, Irvine

have I misunderstood the h/w, or are there problems with his answers?

Wizard19 Sun 06-Sep-15 14:14:02

Really need to have more than this to make an informed judgement.

Does he apply place value knowledge.

Five hundred add 10

500 + 3

500 + 30

You would need to have access to work done at school, or do some testing at home to have an all round view.

Access to lots of help on Khan Academy as already noted.

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