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Pack lunch ideas/ Wheat Free/ Gluten free recipe books????

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Notgivingin789 Sun 30-Aug-15 17:55:04


DS will be starting at a new school in September. The school currently doesn't provide hot lunches, so he will need to have a pack lunch.

DS was on pack lunches (for a bit) but he grew tired of the repetitive boring sandwiches, oat bars, fruit etc and wouldn't eat at all.

I have also just found out that DS has a wheat and egg allergy. So trying to see if any parents (whose kids have wheat and egg allergies) have any packed lunch ideas, or if they are any good recipe books for kids with wheat and egg allergies.

Flomple Sun 30-Aug-15 22:03:52

I wrote a big list of ideas and stuck it on the inside of a kitchen cupboard for days I was lacking in inspiration.

1 group of sandwich fillings
1 of "outers" - wraps, rolls etc
1 of savoury extras
1 of fruit (I am hard of thinking in the morning)
1 of other desserts.

No wheat makes it a lot harder. I guess wheat free pasta or rice salad. How about thinking of it more as a cold plated meal eg chicken portion/sausage/ham, bit of potato salad and salad veg or sweetcorn. Ketchup on the side maybe?

Don't be afraid to think laterally. One of mine hates all salad veg so he takes cold cooked carrot sticks and sweetcorn sometimes. I think he'd probably take cold cooked broccoli and peas if I gave him them! Or get him a wide mouthed thermos and give him leftovers from yesterdays's dinner.

stepmad Mon 31-Aug-15 08:31:01

My two are about to embark on lunches and in previous job had a charge with egg nut wheat and dairy allergies.the freezer is your friend
I would batch cook loads especially at the start of term and helpful for parties as well that she went to.
Made pastry with rice flour added herbs and spice to it for savoury dishes
Various flavour pin wheel type things tomatoe veg chicken bacon etc
Veg cut up with various dips on occasion put veg on a kebab stick makes it feel different.
Cold meats with crackers was fun for her to have the ingredients for her to make up.
Veg fruit muffins
Sausage rolls
Home made mini salmon fish bites
Fruit with dips and dairy free yogurt
Used to use chocolate moulds to make mini egg less rice flour Yorkshire puddings with herbs you can change the flavour
Of course sandwiches not that I did them that often cut them small and put them on sticks with veg for a change
Cold baked beans werid enough she loved them.
Also a flask can do all sorts with that shepherd's fish pie stews curry the odd road sausage and mash soup although probably not for a little one to begin with pasta always a hit so many different types.
Cold pasta rice cuss sale
Mine love cold crumbles
Sugar free desserts
So much stuff to choose from I tend to have a list of possible lunch choices in the nanny book get the children to think up ideas copy other children's maybe once a month I will use a cook book from the libary or just use the net for new ideas
Oh at our school all children once a year joined together for a Christmas meal they asked if charge could have the school meal just that day mb looked into it the sausage stuffing gravey all had stuff that would have needed the epi pen and her choice of dessert was apple or apple.SO I got the school to have one of their meal tray cooked our version of the roast put her ice cream in a flask foiled it wrapped it in a clean bath towel then in a insulated bag so she be like the others.
Never use crisps chocolate etc

Notgivingin789 Mon 31-Aug-15 14:21:56

Thanks everyone. stepmad, love the pack lunch ideas. I wish there was a recipe book for these sort of things.

Seryph Mon 31-Aug-15 14:42:07

There is such a recipe book! Have a look into "bento" it's the Japanese lunchbox making art. There's thousands of books on Amazon (and some pretty cheap ones on the kindle store) and loads of ideas on Pinterest etc. I find it really helpful for grown up lunches, and quite a lot of them avoid bread and that kind of thing.

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