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Year 2 Curriculum

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mrsmortis Thu 27-Aug-15 08:13:33

We've just moved to Germany for a year. We'll be back in the UK next year. My DD1's (Y2) new teacher has asked for a copy of the UK curriculum so that she can help DD1 keep up with her peers in the UK if there small changes she can make (i.e. doing tables up to 12 rather than 10). Can anyone recommend a good source where all the subjects are in one place which I can give to the teacher?


Bunnyjo Thu 27-Aug-15 08:47:27

This site gives details of the expectations for Year 2.


mrz Thu 27-Aug-15 08:50:25

mrz Thu 27-Aug-15 08:51:01

mrsmortis Thu 27-Aug-15 08:59:48

Thanks mrz - I found that. But I got concerned because the first page google sent me to was this one which still talks about national curriculum levels:

mrz Thu 27-Aug-15 09:22:32

Your link doesn't mention levels

mrsmortis Thu 27-Aug-15 09:25:22

Sorry, this one:

mrsmortis Thu 27-Aug-15 09:25:45

But that's my fault for not reading the comments at the bottom of the page properly...

mrz Thu 27-Aug-15 09:25:48

If your daughter comes back to the UK in Y2 she will need to take 7 national curriculum tests at the end of the year

mrz Thu 27-Aug-15 09:27:38 the results will be a score rather than a level

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