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Gatehouse E2 - any recent feedback/thoughts on the school?

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annaif Fri 21-Aug-15 11:52:00

Hi everyone
We have just been informed that our DS was offered a spot at Gatehouse nursery, starting this September. This effectively means that he will be guaranteed a spot for reception year, which was something we were very much looking forward to as the local primary school in our catchment area is not top of our choice (all the others are terribly oversubscribed).

Any working parents who may be in the same position or have sent their kid to Gatehouse nursery/primary? We are both working full time with my DH and he tends to travel quite a bit for work so putting ourselves in the position of needing to deal with short school/nursery days/scheduling post school activities and breaks will be most stressful to us.

Is it worth the hype/money? And how does one deal with all the half term and prolonged summer closures of the school with full time work?
Any thoughts or personal experiences would be most appreciated

user1491291337 Fri 07-Apr-17 21:45:01

Hi, how are you finding Gatehouse school. We are thinking of applying for reception place.

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