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Youngest daughter has been offered reception place at preferred school but there is no place for my eldest in year 3 -should I appeal?

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evapie Sun 16-Aug-15 20:18:37

We have recently moved house and both girls have a place at a good school about 2miles away. This school was our second preference but only because when I phoned the LEA they told me it had places for both dd's. Our first preference school is closer but oversubscribed. We've just received a letter offering a reception place for youngest dd at our first choice school - can I appeal to get my eldest in? She is in Year 3 so class size isn't so much of an issue? She is on the waiting list for a place and is currently the only child on the list for Year3. This would be so much easier as this school is in the direction of travel for work and we have relatives who attend so it would add some resilience to the day if my commute home was delayed. Concern is I have to accept the reception place by the middle of next week but any appeal won't be heard until mid/end of September and I could then be left with kids in two schools! Can anyone advise please?

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