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Moving boroughs in the summer holidays - not enough time to apply before start of term - what happens??

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findyourbacon Wed 12-Aug-15 13:36:45

We're in the process of moving house, from one borough to another. I had hoped that we would have exchanged contracts by now, and we'd be in a position to apply for a new school place for my daughter (Y3) in time for the new term.

However, we still haven't exchanged, and it looks like it won't happen until next week at the earliest. The new lea say they take 15 days to process primary applications, which means that we could be into mid september until we hear about her new school. Do you know what would happen in this case? Would she just have no school place in that time? Would there be any re-percussions about this?

I'm starting to panic about this - apart from anything else, neither myself or my partner can afford any additional time off after the summer holidays!

Any advice or words of wisdom?

prh47bridge Wed 12-Aug-15 14:40:58

You can apply now from your existing address through your current LA. If there is a place available at any of your preferred schools they have to offer it to you.

If you apply from your new address and the LA don't come up with a place until mid-September your daughter should be able to continue to attend her current school if that is practical. If not she will have no school place. There will be no repercussions.

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