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NI AQE and standardised scores

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thinkimmeanttoknowthis Sat 08-Aug-15 14:45:00

If your child is at an NI primary and has been taking standardised tests at the end of p.5 and p.6, do these scores equate to the scores at AQE?

I mean, if the child is performing well in these and is consistent, will this be the same type and range of scoring as for AQE?

I hope this makes sense, just trying to gauge where we might be over the next few months based on results to date.


thinkimmeanttoknowthis Sat 08-Aug-15 17:30:47


lame Sat 08-Aug-15 21:09:14

The NFER tests at the end of the year are similar to the GL tests.

If your just doing AQE then try -
Use search engine and type in AQE 2014.
It's parents talking about their child's scores in practice tests in school, over the summer and then covers the test itself.

Hopes this helps

thinkimmeanttoknowthis Sun 09-Aug-15 13:01:38

thanks for that, that's great.

Any more AQE experiences out there?

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