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Primary school appeal.

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ShinyS1 Mon 27-Jul-15 10:43:29

My sister is appealing for a place for her eldest DD, she's going into yr 5 in Sept. They will be moving to the local area in approx 10 days, but her appeal date is this Thurs.

There are four classes of 34, but she has just found out the the person who was ahead of her on the waiting list has just won her appeal, so now one of the classes has 35, so from what I've read this is good news? Also her youngest DD has been given a place in yr 2.

She's really stressing about what she needs to say at the appeal hearing, can anyone give her any pointers as to what to say?

Many thanks.

tiggytape Mon 27-Jul-15 12:44:12

It isn't necessarily good news that they have 34 per class and one class now with 35. Even though there's no legal limit, most appeal panels have a mental cut-off somewhere around 33-35 because after that the negative impact on the other children can be so great that it outweighs any advantage to the extra child given a place.
That said, there may be features of the school that make them uniquely able to cope with larger classes (massive class rooms and more teachers employed in Year 5 than usual or something along those lines). If so, maybe this is partly why the last person won their appeal and maybe that will help here.

The main focus to presenting a winning appeal though is on why this school best meets the child's needs. Transport and childcare logistics won't really come into it unless the child has an additional need affecting those. Instead, it is about what the school provides and offers that would best meet this child's needs and interests. It might be clubs, music opportunities, an extra language that the child speaks, specialist staff in an area that the child needs support for, ability to meet a physical or learning need, special curriculum arrangements that would suit the child..... anything that explains why the child would be disadvantaged if they could not attend this school.

The panel weighs up at the end whether the needs of the child to attend this particular school are greater than any problems the school may face having to squeeze one more child into year 5. If they decide the needs are greater than the potential problems, then the child wins a place.

ShinyS1 Mon 27-Jul-15 16:33:43

Thanks for getting back to me tiggytape, I've passed on the info to my sister , hopefully she'll be able to put together what she's going to say now. Thanks again.

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