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Bentley Heath or Dorridge

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workingonitagain Fri 24-Jul-15 21:02:52

Just moved into the area and although we are waiting, our chances are equal getting into both of these schools. I have heard that Dorridge is a bigger school and Bentley Heath is smaller more friendly. Im trying hard not to be/sound snobby but every time we are on the playground opposite the school (bentley heath) i notice that it is pretty ran down and the people around there look slightly rough! Is it the new dorridge view new built estate or am i just imagining this? It is pretty difficult to get info on the schools as they are academies! When i called the school to see if i can arrange a visit, they basically told me not to bother until i have offered a place! Any info/ help would be great!

tobysmum77 Sun 26-Jul-15 09:45:52

Hahaha my brother lives by that park, I'll let him know. You are being ridiculous imo, a small part of Bentley Heath is (mainly ex and very expensive) local authority housing. The park's fine, dodgy looking community centre building ok is a bit rundown looking but not really a reason to be put off a school.

workingonitagain Sun 26-Jul-15 10:21:53

Thanks tobysmum77 i appreciate your comments. We are new here and i can only go on impressions. Unfortunately not once there were lost trainers left and lots of rubbish around the playground and from being at quite a few playgrounds around here, it seems to stand out a bit. I appreciate tho if overall that is not picture of Bentley Heath!

tobysmum77 Sun 26-Jul-15 11:04:02

I do understand and don't worry I'm amused rather than offended. I think when you've known somewhere all your life you just accept it for what it is and don't really notice what it looks like to others? There is one road in Bentley Heath that has some level of reputation but it's largely historical from years ago.

I imagine as Dorridge is massive you are more likely to get a place there anyway. The Juniors had a dodgy OFSTED a couple of years ago so I think BH has been preferred by some since.

The park behind Dorridge to compare is a bit weird and there is rarely anyone there, which probably accounts for the absence of litter...

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