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EYFS profile sent home?

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louisejxxx Sun 19-Jul-15 22:46:47

My ds's school compile pieces of work and all their observations in a learning journal - I was expecting it to be sent home on Friday but it wasn't...then it occurred to me that maybe it has to be moderated by an external party or bits sent off to the LEA or similar.

Is it routine for this sort of stuff to be sent home eventually? It has lovely photos of ds in and a large chunk of his work and I'm sure I want it much more than the school will once they're done with it!

poppy70 Sun 19-Jul-15 23:04:36

No they aren't routinely sent home.

SocksRock Sun 19-Jul-15 23:07:24

We got DD1's sent home when she finished KS1 - every scrap from when she started preschool through to the end of YR. But only got it this week as she finished Y2

ReallyTired Sun 19-Jul-15 23:13:07

Ours were sent home in the middle of year 1.

louisejxxx Mon 20-Jul-15 06:58:44

Eek, I think I'll have to ask about it when ds goes back in September. I know it's main purpose isn't as a keepsake for parents but I'd LOVE to have it - it's much more clear and concise than the scraps of this and that which have come home so far!

mrz Mon 20-Jul-15 07:16:29

We send ours home at the end of reception

mrz Mon 20-Jul-15 07:17:27

Ours are made for parents / children

YAsoNBU Mon 20-Jul-15 07:21:12

Yes we get ours at end of reception, though they asked to keep DDs over the summer as part of their moderation. It is a lovely keepsake and it would be sad to let it go.

BlackbirdOnTheWire Mon 20-Jul-15 07:21:23

We've just been given the whole YR folder at end of Y1. The school routinely passes on the previous year's folder of work to the next year's teacher for review/comparison/progress assessment - so we're always a year in arrears until the end of Y6 when parents are given Y5 and Y6.

I usually take photos of particularly good things at parents' evenings, so that I have a reminder of where DC is at.

Nectarines Mon 20-Jul-15 07:30:55

At my school, we're expecting ofsted next term so we've been asked to keep children's work til then to provide additional evidence for inspectors.

louisejxxx Mon 20-Jul-15 09:18:20

Ah good, I'm glad to know it's sort of a norm to get them at some point.

mrz Mon 20-Jul-15 09:22:51

I think I should warn you that I have read posts from teachers forced to destroy them

louisejxxx Mon 20-Jul-15 16:12:12

I appreciate the warning! Hopefully they will still be floating around next term and ill be able to find out what happens with them (or if I really can't wait that long I'll speak to one of the other mum's who have older children!)

isittheholidaysyet Mon 20-Jul-15 21:35:49

My DCs' have been passed from private nursery to state school, then school send them home when they no longer need them, sometime during reception year. I have no idea if this is normal.

Inkymess Mon 20-Jul-15 23:25:30

We just got ours back but it's not that great anyway - felt like they were having a cupboard clear out lol

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