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End of year report, levels, etc, etc

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PandasRock Sun 19-Jul-15 20:05:55

Right, so school report is in.

Could anyone give me an example of what (old, I assume) level 4b for English Writing would look like please?

I know levels no longer exist, but some have still been given, and it would be helpful to see what those given are supposed to correlate to.


mrz Sun 19-Jul-15 20:18:09

PandasRock Sun 19-Jul-15 20:25:00

Thanks, mrz, I'll have a read through. And double check the reading record, where there has been a checklist of AF1/AF2 and so on all year.

I am unconvinced the level given has been achieved, so need to work out my approach.

mrz Sun 19-Jul-15 20:30:15

mrz Sun 19-Jul-15 20:31:16

PandasRock Sun 19-Jul-15 20:36:37

Brilliant, thanks.

Not all books have come home (and, crucially not the ones I want!) but I will try to cross reference from what has come home (including various diaries/reports/projects).

Hmm. I'd say a 4b was very generous marking, tbh (which is my gut instinct, so will definitely take a closer look).

Child in question has ASD, so a spiky profile expected, but she is end of year 3, and I wouldn't say her writing was so far beyond what it 'should' be.

teeththief Sun 19-Jul-15 23:46:52

Are you sure it's the old 4b and not a new version? My DD was given a 4a in writing in her report (y3) but, when I queried it I was told their new system meant she was at the top end of their expected levels for a year 4 rather than the old 4a

PandasRock Mon 20-Jul-15 11:07:09

I am not sure, no. I thought levels weren't given with the new system, just a general guide - meeting/exceeding expectations, that sort of thing?

From what you say, a 'new' 4b would sound more likely, but that would then mean her other results were also skewed, and the level given for eg maths would be further out than it already is.


I will email the school and ask what the levels refer to, which will be a start.


tilder Mon 20-Jul-15 19:06:43

Hi all. Our reports sound like they follow the new system completely. Does anyone know where I can find a description of what the new levels are?

We have things like working towards independence (which I think means below expected), mastered (which I think means expected) plus others at the top and bottom of these.

Am a bit perplexed why my a grade ds (according to his teacher last parents evening) now appears to be working lower than average.

mrz Mon 20-Jul-15 19:24:30

There aren't any levels ...each school is free to adopt own system
So only your school can tell you what theirs is and what criteria it uses

tilder Tue 21-Jul-15 01:44:09

Thanks mrz. So every school is different? How are they comparing between schools then? Plus how is it compared agai

tilder Tue 21-Jul-15 01:47:09

Sorry mrz, must have pressed the wrong thing. Just not sure how they now compare each school to set levels if everyone is different.

Am not expecting an ans

tilder Tue 21-Jul-15 01:49:11

Ffs done it again.

Will have to wait until school is back in Sept to find out what it means.

mrz Tue 21-Jul-15 06:44:27

New tests will be introduced next year that will be marked on a standard scale. I don't think the DfE has worked out how they will relate to old system and they certainly aren't sharing. At the moment they are saying they can't set a scale until after the first tests are completed

tilder Tue 21-Jul-15 07:43:40

Thanks again mrz. So the DfE is being helpful for everyone then. I really feel for the teachers (apart from the one who taught dd2 this year, he was dreadful grin)

mrz Tue 21-Jul-15 07:46:28

"We can’t give full information about what the scale will look like yet. We need to wait until pupils have taken the tests and the tests have been marked before we can set the national standard and the rest of the scale. We can’t set the scale in advance; this cohort is the first that has reached the end of key stage 2 having studied sufficient content from the new national curriculum. If we were to set the scale using data from pupils that had studied the old national curriculum, it is likely it would be incorrect.
We do know the scale will have a lower end point below 100 and an upper end point above 100. Once we have set the national standard we will use a statistical technique called ‘scaling’ to transform the raw score into a scaled score. We will publish this after the first tests have been administered.

The standards underpinning the scale will be maintained as long as there is no large-scale change to what the tests cover. Once the national standard has been set in summer 2016, we will maintain the standard in subsequent years by using a process known as ‘test equating’. When we trial future tests in schools, we also administer a separate ‘anchor test’. This test remains the same over time. It allows us to link scores from one test to another to ensure standards are maintained."

mrz Tue 21-Jul-15 07:47:13

tilder Tue 21-Jul-15 19:09:13

Ok, fair enough. Will still be interested to see the finished product. In the meantime, I guess I will have to ask in school what the reports mean.

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