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scooter suggestions

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sleeplessinderbyshire Thu 16-Jul-15 21:48:42

My Y1 daughter wants a two wheeled scooter for her sixth birthday. Any advice as to brand? Looking at a micro scooter sprite as she loves her mini micro (suggested maxi micro and was met with withering look and the comment that "three wheelers are for babies"). I think most of the kids at school have something that looks like a sprite

Hedges1978 Thu 16-Jul-15 23:03:36

I can recommend the Oxelo Mid 3 scooter from Decathlon - my daughter had this for her 5th birthday and although it's a tiny bit big for her she loves it.

Waterandtea Thu 16-Jul-15 23:07:01

Ds1 (6yo) has a micro sprite and he manages well with it, the fact it folds is great too. It'll definitely last him a while as well.

marmitebear Fri 17-Jul-15 22:08:55

Micro Scooter Sprite is what we have had since starting Yr1 and it's fab. Really well made and will hopefully see us right through Primary school is she wishes.

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