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not to compare...

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BlueKitchen Wed 15-Jul-15 22:32:33

Our DD currently in Y2. Her results 2b,2b, Maths 2a. End of year 1- all 1a.
Great report - should be proud of her. But the school attached school statistics.... less then 10% of 60 kids are on level 2 in each area. Majority are already on level 3. Now I am not sure if my child did so well... sad

AmazonsForEver Wed 15-Jul-15 22:36:25

Well, they reckon on two sub-levels a year, and she's made two sub-levels in reading and writing, and three in maths, so progressing as she should be, but faster than expected in maths.

Progress isn't a straight-line linear graph though. Children go through fits and starts. Please, do feel proud of her- and tell her that. She's doing what she should be, and more.

BlueKitchen Thu 16-Jul-15 10:13:08

Maybe the standard (two sub levels) is set up too low? Other kids seem to be progressing much faster.
I have heard that my DD school is a strong academic primary and most of the kids as pushed...

atticusclaw Thu 16-Jul-15 10:17:04

Honestly don't worry about it. They all progress at completely different rates. At the end of Year 2 my DS1 was ahead of most in his year. It all then evened out very quickly in year 3/year 4 and now at the end of year 5 there is starting to be a difference again. I suspect at the end of next year it will have evened out again.

Your DD is on track, that's what matters.

YeOldTrout Thu 16-Jul-15 10:29:21

It depends whether she's insecure & likes being a big fish in small pond (doesn't sound it) or if she's inspired to do better because she likes other people who are doing well, so feels good about going to school with them & aspires to do her best, too. Could go either way, but overall I don't think you should worry.

BlueKitchen Thu 16-Jul-15 10:41:29

She is a shy girl and gets lots of support at school. We are not considering moving her to a less demanding school. But I need to boost her confidence. How?

AmazonsForEver Thu 16-Jul-15 11:10:37

Is she low on confidence perhaps because she is picking up on you not being happy with her performance?
Did she start in Reception or in nursery year? Did she know her phonics and numbers before starting?
Some children are level three because they're very bright and learn quickly, some are level three because they began reception already reading and writing and really for those children a level three does not represent spectacular progress!
The national expected level for end of Y2 is a 2B. That is for a child of average intelligence assuming no other issues (e.g. health conditions leading to absence, travelling family so multiple schools etc).
In some areas, lots of children will be ahead of the curve developmentally because they are from fairly privileged backgrounds compared with national average, their parents will be well educated and well equipped to provide superb developmental opportunities in the early years. It doesn't mean they're more clever innately just that they started 'the race' earlier.
Are her teachers happy with the progress she is making?
Some children really struggle until they're junior age, then something clicks into place, and they're flying.

BlueKitchen Thu 16-Jul-15 11:35:37

She was in a full time childcare since one year old, however she is bilingual.
Amazons - your comments are very reassuring. It looks it is me panicking.

ZanyMobster Thu 16-Jul-15 11:45:40

I am so glad to see this thread as I have been thinking the same thing but unsure whether I am panicking unreasonably.

DS2 got 2A in Maths (sat the L3 but didn't quite get there) then 2Bs in reading and writing. I am super proud of him as he works really hard and it really doesn't come easy to him. I have always been told he is in the top groups for everything (but not close to top of the class). I have no idea of the class average though.

DS1 got L3s including 100% on his literacy tests and has flown through Y3 and 4, I don't compare the 2 of them as such but I do worry that he will find Y3 so difficult.

My main concern is that is 2B really ok? Will he struggle in juniors in reality. It just seems that the expectation seems so low in Y2 and maybe not enough preparation going forward.

BlueKitchen Thu 16-Jul-15 11:53:04

I am waiting to see what happens in Year 3 as, as far as I know, they will start the new curriculum where the expectations are much higher.
Well, we will continue the daily bedtime reading over the summer and then go with the flow from Sept. No issues raised by school so I need to calm down, I suppose.

ZanyMobster Thu 16-Jul-15 12:11:36

Same here, only fabulous things to say which doesn't necessarily reflect the results. We will concentrate on reading over the summer too as I think this is his weakest area and see what happens.

It is a shock when you have one child who is very academic then one who has to work extra hard so I think it's a learning curve for us too.

TheUnwillingNarcheska Thu 16-Jul-15 12:18:15

Ask the teacher what you can work on over the summer with your child.

Ds2 went up a whole level in one year just because he had started reading books for himself instead of the ones school gave him. His reading scores improved but also his writing as he had more ideas and better vocabulary.

2b is where they expect you to be so your child is on track.

BlueKitchen Thu 16-Jul-15 12:26:17

My DD teacher said: let her have a well deserved rest and time to develop her interests. I trust the teacher.

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