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Pointers to help struggling DD please!

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Pulledapart Wed 15-Jul-15 15:10:37

We have just had the bed of year report for DD who is 5 and in reception.

I was disappointed to see she didn't get meeting expection for numeracy or literature. She got 1's which is emerging.

After speaking to her calls teacher I felt a bit better as she explained DD just missed out on getting expected on those areas. She is exceeding in others like technology and art, she got 3's.

I want to help her as much as I can especially over the summer holiday to give her a good start for next year.

We already read a book every night. How do I help her with her maths and in general really.

Ashamed to admit her teacher spoke about Red words and I had no idea what she meant. She kindly explained to me so now I now blush

Any tips/pointers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Leeds2 Wed 15-Jul-15 15:18:33

Continue to read to her, and see if she will read you and teddies a story too.

Make a weekly trip to the library, and join in the National Reading Challenge.

Play games with her that involve counting. Simple things like Frustration, where you just have to count up to six spaces moving forward. Then something with two dice, that she has to add up. Look at the games on Orchard Toys - they have a lot of fun stuff with educational content.

Get her to send a postcard to grandma/auntie etc - choose people who will write back!

Do baking with her, and get her to weigh out the ingredients.

Pulledapart Wed 15-Jul-15 15:39:00

Thanks so much leeds you have given me great ideas to get started. Appreciate the help.

mrsmortis Wed 15-Jul-15 16:52:12

It depends which area of literacy you are talking about. But in reception I struggled majorly with fine motor control so I found writing really hard. But my grandma had a typewriter and as a treat she'd let me type a letter to send to an uncle or aunt (someone who would write back). I loved doing it. Perhaps your DD would too.

Pulledapart Wed 15-Jul-15 17:13:36

Thanks mrsmortis she is struggling with hand writing but is great at typing so I let her use my laptop. She loves typing words in Microsoft Word. I guess I'm wondering whether this is contributing to her struggling with hand writing. On the other hand I think it is really helping her with her phonics as she spells words out loud when typing. We have not tried typing a letter to someone so I will try giving that a go with her.

Lurkedforever1 Wed 15-Jul-15 17:24:00

For maths make it fun and part of daily life, eg counting the apples you buy in the shop and adding them to the oranges, plates on the table etc. role play games involving money, doesn't matter whether she gets currency, at 5 she'll have heard the words so you can pay in pounds at her shop etc and as shopkeeper she adds it up. Or gives refunds. Number plates on car journeys, eg bx52 what is 5 add 2. And all of them can be expanded up to much higher levels when she's ready. Just think of any area of your daily life/ routine where there are numbers and get her involved.
Ditto the games, snakes and ladders is good too, even if she can't count to a hundred it stops big numbers being scary.
Not as an educational aid just for fun we used to play treasure hunts, starting from about 2 when stuff like a rubber duck was the clue for bathroom, and as she got older and wanted a treasure hunt naturally the clues got harder, which for you could be both numbers and words eg take 3 steps left and 7 steps back, next clue how many steps did you take? Go up that many stairs etc. Get her reading to her favourite toy too, and playing school. But whatever make sure it's something she enjoys.

mrsmortis Wed 15-Jul-15 17:28:55

If the root cause of her handwriting is fine motor control then there are loads of things that you can do without using a pen to help. Does she use scissors? Getting her to cut around shapes will help. As will lego or other toys where she has to manipulate small things accurately. Teach her to tie shoelaces or any type of sewing. Do some beadwork, as fine as she can manage. All of those could be fun things she could do over the summer without even knowing that she's working on skill which could improve her handwriting.

Pulledapart Wed 15-Jul-15 18:16:00

Thanks lurked these are great ideas for helping with her maths. she does love role plays and pretending to shop so it won't be hard to get her thinking about counting money.

mrsmortis thanks for that. she loves to paint/colour and draw and cut things so doing more of that will not be a problem. Never tried any bead work so will look into that.

Micksy Wed 15-Jul-15 20:27:29

I'm not a great fan of snakes and ladders for maths. I don't like the way the rows double back and I think it can confuse matters when kids come across hundred squares. I much prefer sum swamp for practising number bonds.
A sweet shop once a week with pennies and process will really capture imagination. Helping with preparing salads and sharing out tomatoes between plates etc is really good too.

Pulledapart Thu 16-Jul-15 16:26:15

Thanks micksy I looked up sum swaps it looks really good and has had so much positive feedback. I think I might invest in it during the holidays.

We has a break through with maths yesterday as she actually sat down and did some adding and substracting with me. That would never have happened before so I'm feeling a it more positive about it all now. I just have to make sure I do things regularly with her. Unfortunately I'm not very well and I know that impacts on her learning as it becomes sporadic. I've just got to try managing it all a bit better.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

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