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How much do private schools pay for SATs testing papers?

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Upsetmom Mon 13-Jul-15 22:49:34

A small Indy school near me has been using last years SATs papers. This was only discovered when one of the pupils taking the test realised that she had done the paper before as a practice. One of the teachers admitted that the school had been using the previous years papers for a number of years.

DancingDinosaur Mon 13-Jul-15 22:51:47

I thought the last years papers were easy to get hold of for practice? Aren't you supposed to do that then?

sleepwhenidie Mon 13-Jul-15 22:53:31

Umm, even if they are, what exactly is the problem and why do you ask what is paid for them confused?

Upsetmom Mon 13-Jul-15 23:03:15

They used last years papers as this years actual test.

sleepwhenidie Mon 13-Jul-15 23:17:14


321TeachUs Mon 13-Jul-15 23:19:07

Independent schools don't have to do SATs. They are just using them as a benchmark, same as you might use any past paper. I don't see the problem. confused

flumperoo Mon 13-Jul-15 23:19:21

For which year group? Year 2 papers haven't been published for several years so they're all re-used previous papers.

HeiressesGiltnor Mon 13-Jul-15 23:21:14

But they don't have to do the SATs at all. So technically they aren't, which is fine. They are doing old papers to help assess progress and levels I guess.

Quite common practice I think you'll find.

Not sure what you think the issue is, can you elaborate?

They won't be sending the papers off to be marked officially andyhey won't be 'officially' recorded anywhere other than the school's internal system.

FabulousFudge Mon 13-Jul-15 23:22:01

They all use past papers from various years I think.

balletgirlmum Mon 13-Jul-15 23:23:35

They are free to download.

Ds's school used them both for general practice & as the basis for end of year tests.

I don't see the problem.

DancingDinosaur Mon 13-Jul-15 23:26:20

I can't see the point if they are sitting the same test that they already practiced, but can't see why it matters to you either?

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 14-Jul-15 09:25:38

From what I have seen this is very common. Parents want have NC grades. They are easily downloaded for free from many internet resources.

Upsetmom Tue 14-Jul-15 20:48:42

After the children had completed several papers, one of the children said in the middle of a paper that she already done the paper in front of her, as practice, so the school stopped the exam and then the children had to repeat the SATs using different papers. Unfortunately the delay meant that pupils didn't have their results to take to their grammar school appeal.
Some of the children were very upset at having to take numerous papers again.

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