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Feeling liberated from school pressures!!!!!

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Zodlebud Sun 12-Jul-15 22:10:08

My children attend a lovely prep school in Herts, with my eldest about to start year 4. We had started to look at secondary schools as we are considering moving house and this could cut off some of our grammar school options. Then we went to look around Wycombe Abbey and I was so impressed. That was it, my life was all about getting the Girls in there and hubby started to get finances sorted for the impending doom of school fees. Then one (dare I say) drunken night we stopped and had a really serious discussion. Is learning Latin really us, do we really deep down want them to board, do we think it's right the amount of prep they need to go through to even get in? Then we went to see Habs Girls. Felt like a great school, but with the WA "chat" fresh in our minds we wavered. Of course we want to give our girls the best education but are these schools right???

The more I thought about it, the more I was put off. I was getting stressed out by others talking about tutors and next schools and how everybody else was doing such a such and we needed too because if we didn't then my kids wouldn't stand a chance.

And then it hit me. My kids love their current school. They are immensely happy and doing well. That's what I want. My kids to be happy. I felt somewhat rebellious - making the decision to not be drawn into all the hype. I am always going to do the best for my kids in terms of education, but it doesn't need to be this all encompassing stressful experience.

So now we're on School hols we're going to watch TV, play outside, go away for a week, draw, paint, play music, do some reading and not worry about the future. I've got my kids backs, but our life is going to be about just being kids for now. We'll get serious for a-levels. I feel liberated (but initially scared). Try it if you're brave enough!!!!!

Then again, I might just be having a midlife crisis......

Millymollymama Mon 13-Jul-15 00:06:37

Great! Well done you! Mine couldn't stay at their current school so we had to make a decision. We avoided the most academic schools. Mine never had any tutors. We went from state primary to independent so no CE tutoring for us! No problem and no pressure. They both got accepted - to a school in Herts actually. I think people just fizz over regarding schools. I live in an 11 plus county next to yours and people are desperate for their children to pass the 11 plus and have tutors for years. We had stress free holidays ! Do enjoy yours.

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