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Bickley Park vs Breaside

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shashibhat Sun 12-Jul-15 21:06:42

Hi everyone do you have guidance on deciding between Bickley Park school and Breaside Prep? Thanks

Anoualler Wed 19-Aug-15 19:13:38

Unlike Braeside (which is part of Cognita Group) Bickley Park is an independent charitable trust, so all money channelled into the school stays in the school. If you find them equally impressive then I think this is a point worth considering.

ChalkyC Thu 20-Aug-15 07:13:34

They are so fundamentally different I can't believe you'd struggle to make a choice! Co-ed vs all boys, up to 11 vs up to 13...

june79 Mon 04-Jan-16 03:33:18

@shashibhat pls let me know your further thoughts/reviews on this as we have the same confusion between Bickley and braeside. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks.

PettsWoodParadise Mon 04-Jan-16 08:47:57

DD is at girls independent and some of her friends brothers started at Bickley. I also have friends who have had DCs at Braeside. My understanding is that Bickley is more of a traditional prep - preparing for entrance to excellent independents like Sevenoaks, Dulwich etc. Braeside had more DCs who will be looking at the grammars and also has a very wide ability range. A friend moved her girls from Braeside to Bromley High as she knew she was staying in independent sector and her DD was not thriving so well in the all ability environment at Braeside.

Fairycakesun Fri 15-Apr-16 17:27:47

Hello, we have a similar dilemma in trying to decide between St Christopher the Hall and Breaside. Both similar size, co-ed. Leavers' destinations appear similar but Breaside has a much better Ofsted. Does anyone have any advice or experience of the two schools?

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