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Permission for an External Eductional Assessment

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mummytippy Sun 12-Jul-15 18:10:05

Dear Mumsnetters

Does anyone know if there's a national policy relating to automatically allowing permission for a child to be absent from school to attend an external educational assessment?... Or is it at the discretion of the Head?

My DS is due to have a progress assessment with the Dyslexia Institute whom he's been monitored and assessed by prior to starting his current school over the lays 18 months.

The assessment will mean he would have to leave school mid morning over the lunch hour and returned back to school immediately afterwards - hopefully by 2pm.

Thank you in advance.

soapboxqueen Sun 12-Jul-15 19:42:55

A school can't stop you from taking your child anywhere. They can't barricade the door smile

I'm assuming though your asking about it being authorised. Yes it is down to the head but I suspect it would go down as a medical appointment rather than just a requested absence.

mummytippy Sun 12-Jul-15 20:30:05

Thank you SoapBoxQueen

There is a Contact Order in place and despite me requesting permission last week I have not had a reply from the Head. She would require permission from my ex to enable me to take him so I hoped for a reply from her saying I give permission but I need it from your DS's father in order to release him to you so he can go.

What I'm trying to establish is the truth, as my DS's father is saying the Head will mark it down as an unauthorised absence and has deemed external assessments unnecessary so therefore he will not give permission.
Can you see my conundrum?

My ex is saying one thing based on what the Head has 'apparently' said to him but nothing has been said directly to me by the Head or school and I have PR.

I'm going to contact the Head tomorrow but not sure what route to take.
It's a very frustrating situation, I'm trying my best to support and help my child educationally. I hope you understand.

titchy Sun 12-Jul-15 20:35:51

Not sure what your conundrum is tbh - just take him. Up to the school what they put it down as surely, and if you're back before the afternoon session starts then there'll be no absence at all recorded!

If your ex has a problem with you taking him to an assessment tell him to take you to court to prevent it...

mummytippy Sun 12-Jul-15 20:44:49

Hi Titchy

There is a Court Order in place so I can't simply turn up at school to collect my DS without permission from my ex. This assessment falls outside my contact but that said my ex can grant me additional time which I requested last week. I sent him a copy of the appointment letter and invited him to come.

What I'm trying to find out is the stance of schools on such things as my ex is trying to pin this on the Head by saying the Head's said it's unnecessary and will be marked down as unauthorised. Hope this now makes more sense.

mrz Sun 12-Jul-15 20:45:56

If the school require permission from your ex I would focus on that rather than worry how it will appear on the register.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sun 12-Jul-15 20:50:14

If its unauthorised... so what? Not a big deal. Keep the letter. Ring Head see what they say re XH agreement/refusal.

titchy Sun 12-Jul-15 21:00:15

Couldn't you have arranged the assessment when it's your contact?

mummytippy Sun 12-Jul-15 21:41:14

Titchy I tried to do this first knowing what I might be up against but the centre closes for the summer on the day of the assessment offered and I'm next scheduled for contact three days after this.

As well as this the centre's last appointment time is an hour before my DS finishes school.

mummytippy Sun 12-Jul-15 21:42:29

Hi SallyHasLeftThebuilding

Sorry to appear dumb but what is XH short for!?!

mrz Sun 12-Jul-15 21:43:36

I'm guessing ex husband

mummytippy Sun 12-Jul-15 21:44:59

Hi Mrz

My priority is my son attending the assessment and so really I would have expected a response from the head along the lines of 'I have contacted 'my ex' and asked him to confirm this but I have had no contact from the school.

AsBrightAsAJewel Sun 12-Jul-15 21:47:05

If you XH hasn't given permission you would not be permitted to take your child from school for any purpose with a court order in place.

mummytippy Sun 12-Jul-15 21:47:43

Thanks Mrz

Just had a penny drop moment!
That's just it... I don't ever seem to get a reply from the school. I just feel like they sit on the fence or just see me as an inconvenience when I'm just wanting to do the best for my DS.

AsBrightAsAJewel Sun 12-Jul-15 21:48:20

Is it the school's job to chase your ex for consent?

mrz Sun 12-Jul-15 21:48:47

The head may be expecting you to contact her/him to say your ex has given permission and you will be taking your child early on day to attend an appointment.
Schools don't generally act as go-betweens

mummytippy Sun 12-Jul-15 21:51:02

Thanks, I understand that Brightasajewel but I'm wanting to know whether in ordinary circumstances how time off school for such an assessment should be handled.

Also because it isn't normal circumstances (as outside my contact) and always will be due to the nature of the contact order and the times the Dyslexia centre is open what could/should the school do to help. Surely they should at least communicate with me as I have PR.

madwomanbackintheattic Sun 12-Jul-15 21:52:17

It can't be the school's job to get your ex to agree? Surely they will just wait until your ex tells them this is what is happening? They are under no remit to negotiate your contact, whatever the reason?

Are they?

mrz Sun 12-Jul-15 21:57:18

Under normal circumstances a parent would inform the teacher/office that they will be collecting the child early as they have an appointment. The school may or may not want proof of the appointment. That's it really.

Your situation is different because you need permission from your ex but that really has nothing to do with the school.

mummytippy Sun 12-Jul-15 21:59:14

Thanks for the clarity Mrz

What actually happened was I sent a copy of the appointment letter to my ex asking for permission last Tues. I also sent a copy of the appointment letter to the school. I told each I had informed the other.

On Friday I received a solicitors letter (from my ex) saying that the assessment was detrimental to our son and that the Head of the school deemed it unnecessary. It went in further to say the appointment would be marked down as unauthorised if my DS was to go so therefore he would not give permission.

I have had no contact from the school whatsoever. I have equal PR and want him to go. There is not another appointment after this one.

I'd like to add this appointment for a progress assessment has been arranged by the Dyslexia Institute because my DS scored a high 2 (as a year 4 child) in a recent 'National Stratergy Framework Assessment for Literacy and Maths. I am extremely concerned.

AsBrightAsAJewel Sun 12-Jul-15 22:00:02

I assume your child has a formal diagnosis and it is recognised by the school and the Local Authority, and your child has support for this at school? If yes, and it was just an assessment without all the complication of court orders it would automatically authorised. Why is your ex deeming it unnecessary? Does he dispute that your son is dyslexic?

mrz Sun 12-Jul-15 22:02:03

Whether the head deems it necessary or not they can't prevent you as a parent having your child assessed. However your ex can due to your contact order.

mrz Sun 12-Jul-15 22:05:18

Is there any reason to believe your child us dyslexic other than tests that don't match the new curriculum

mummytippy Sun 12-Jul-15 22:06:50

I understand madwomanintheattic

It is permission that my ex must give to the school but he is using so called 'alleged' comments from the Head within a solicitors letter as a reason to refuse the contact to me by saying she deems external assessments unnecessary.

I feel I am in a circle between my ex and the school without having any contact from the school about it which isn't getting my DS anywhere.

My plan is to email the Head to ask what has been discussed with my ex in relation to the assessment as conveyed in the letter as I've heard nothing.

What do you think? Surely the Head can be asked that question as I think they'd be interested to know they've been quoted in solicitors correspondence.

mrz Sun 12-Jul-15 22:11:03

The heads opinion doesn't matter. They may believe that the assessment isn't needed but can't stop parents having their child assessed. I'm assuming your ex also doesn't think it's necessary

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