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Can child living abroad be given r space

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3asAbird Sat 11-Jul-15 03:42:13

Can a child living abroad be offered uk r place?

Oversubscribed small village primary.

I hear child living abroad has space for sept not in uk yet maybe moving but council guidelines not let my son is as we live outside apr we live 1 mile and missed out by 123 metres.

Could this child possibly be mod maybe?

Can I query it with admissions.

We waiting for appeal.

Head mentioned it and don't wish to get her in trouble.

Surly furthest distance does not stretch to abroad.

LondonZoo Sat 11-Jul-15 03:50:43

I haven't heard of anyone being permitted to apply for a place until they had a permanent address locally.

Which they may have of course. People can be on long term visits etc etc. If you don't know their formal status then your complaint won't go anywhere, and they won't be withdrawing the place I shouldn't think

BrilliantDayForTheRace Sat 11-Jul-15 05:25:51

Their parent could work for the foreign office. Ambassadors child or something. I'm fairly sure they're allowed to apply from another country.

SavoyCabbage Sat 11-Jul-15 06:20:27

Somebody on here did do that as far as I can remember. About six months ago there was a thread.

NormHonal Sat 11-Jul-15 06:41:04

I would guess the child is from a forces family or similar. Or some kind of circumstances such as adoption, a family death, etc, meaning they get priority.

Whipnaenae Sat 11-Jul-15 06:49:52

They must have an address in catchment. We applied from overseas, but we were on a temporary contract and were going to be returning to our permanent residence. Nothing at all wrong with that, and it really is nothing to do with you.

SavoyCabbage Sat 11-Jul-15 07:05:58

You don't have to have an address 'in catchment' to apply to a school.

3asAbird Sat 11-Jul-15 08:41:20

I guess must be valid reason ans probably mod. Just wanted check council not made an error as my son was so close in metres to getting a space. I just wanted check it was fair and accurate and always felt you least gad to be in country first.

prh47bridge Sat 11-Jul-15 13:58:40

If they are service personnel or on crown service they must be allocated a place before they return to the UK. If they don't fall into the above categories it is up to the LA. Some will accept evidence that they are returning to a house they already own, or have exchanged contracts on a UK house or signed a long term rental agreement before allocating a place. So if, for example, they have bought a house closer to the school than you they could go ahead of you on the waiting list.

T1meout Sat 11-Jul-15 16:36:34

My friend got a place at our over-subscribed secondary. She does have a house in the area which she rents out; she said she was moving back. In the event, they have decided to stay put. (My dd didn't get a place.)

admission Sat 11-Jul-15 18:41:42

The theory is that if the school has available places that anybody can apply from anywhere and be given that place.
That is not the situation here, so if they applied for a place at the normal time then they would effectively be at the bottom of the list with an address somewhere abroad, under normal circumstances. There are however exceptions and PRH has quoted the most obvious of service personnel where they will be considered for a place prior to actually being in the UK.
The only people that really know the answer to this are the people in the admissions office of the LA. So if you want to take it further then you will need to contact them in writing and say you did not get a place and you understand that someone from abroad has been given a place - you will have to name them - and you would like to know what the circumstances are that this has been allowed. You will not get an answer that says what the circumstances are because of confidentiality but the LA will check out the situation over the offer of a place.
If there has been something amiss then the one thing it does not do is get you a place at the school as the person who has been disadvantaged is the person who was at the top of the waiting list at that time. That person will be given a place at the school.

3asAbird Sun 12-Jul-15 10:44:29

That's crap to.

Head mentioned in passing maybe make me feel better child abroad maybe they won't take up place. She dident day circumstances they got a place and would gate to land her in trouble they could have 2 houses or be mo as have mod base here.

It's just frustrating we dident get sibling link because we outside the apr yet furthest distance greater this year more so missed out by 123metres.

20 places offered.

He must have been no 21.

Kids from outside county no sibling got in as schools closer to border as local sibling rule offers no protection of siblibgs outside apr before other children living outside the apr.

I live in County pay council tax to same county as school is in and done over again 2nd year in a row

Paying 250 month childcare from sept to balance 2 schools.

I'm even more peeved that he's no 3 on waitlist as 2 children we randomly know did not get their school preferences so decided put their name down on our school waitlist.

Not 1 is child in neighbouring county did not put school down and split siblings as their eldest in another school they unhappy.

2nd child like us same county as school just outside stupidly tiny apr but nearer than. Us they in meantime going to local prep school.

So we no 3 on incoming reception list.

Hoping we still no 1 on this year's reception next year's year 1 list.

Eldest year 5 don't want move her.

Middle one got place at nearby infants 4weeks ago year 1 sept spent year home educating and using nursery.

Youngest has sen so appealing his ehcp plan.defered his place to offer of 3rd preference infants as don't think they can managing him and nursery said he can stay until jan it's all such a mess.

Neither fact we have a sibling live within county or he has diagnosed sen seems count for nothing with admissions.

Waiting for date for 2 appeals.

Fact children abroad getting in just icing on a bad cake.

I'm working hard campaign local councillers to look at admissions policy I know they under pressure but so is neighbouring county and they give sibling link to all.local sibling just way if rationing spaces.

Council know they have surplus in all the wrong areas .They also building extra 10000 homes across the county combined with lots if mod it's future disaster.

The new defined areas of responsability is socially and economically discriminating.

Not every family is loaded and has ability to rent flat opposite the school.

Many freinds private rent have move frequently and families outgrow houses but feel held hostage by admissions.

Feeling sad and angry last week seeing all the new reception have their transitions and my poor no verbal son is stuck at his nursery for time being.

3asAbird Sun 12-Jul-15 10:56:33

T1 can you appeal.lots freinds won senior appeals. I think what your mate did is play the system and our council quite lax they let mum last year rent opposite school she lived in it then moved back over summer as in theory she lived there.

I dident think ownership but not living in house at time jan 15th counted.

I was told year before we moved feb couldent amend address without counting as late application.

I don't know child's name or anything about this child and can't drop the head in it.

I do feel lots of unfairness but proving it not able to do so.

Even if mistake was made he's no 3 as 2 people added name down since April allocation day so no help to me now it's too late.

I'm. Doing without prejudice appeal focusing on why my son needs the chool focusing on his special needs and reports from salt and peaditrician. We have no medical Need category within normal primary admissions.

As far as admissions concerned because ehcp turned down he's no sen write essay with applications.

Nhs been too slow

0-25 service messed up his ehcp.

So now he can access best local mainstream or specialist provision at resource base I'm so angry I did all the right things.

I adhered to dates

Was honest we do live 1.046 miles away.

Added as much evidence as I had at the time.

Being very patient.

Did loads school tours speaking to senco and choosing 3 most appropriate for his needs 3rd was being sensible as least bad option but not the right one for him.

So at school 1 he be in Reception class of 20 year group 20 1 full time teacher and ta.

At school 3 3form intake.

2 job share teachers
Up to 5 teaching assistants

He doesn't like crowds new places new people.

Half of his preschool going to school 1.

Head if school 3 said they do their best but feel school 1 better meets his needs.

Head if schoo 1 happy have him says school best suit his needs.

Head if resource base said he's perfect for resource base so fight ehcp as schools half way across city and I can't do 3 primary schools.

Namechangenell Sun 12-Jul-15 11:17:25

As someone who is currently abroad with DH's job, it is extremely difficult to get a place at a local school as the authority we would be moving back to won't accept applications unless we are living in the borough. We have a property there we'd be moving back into but they won't let us actually apply until we are in the country. The only people I know who have successfully applied from abroad are military families, and there are different rules. Your situation sounds really tough but it really is incredibly hard to secure a place from overseas. There's a thread running about it right now in fact.

catslife Tue 14-Jul-15 14:38:03

For your son I would recommend appealing for a better ECHP. My understanding is that this replaces the old statement system and can name a particular school. So if he has one that names school 1 they would have to offer him a place if they can meet his needs.
You may get some help with this on the SEN chat board on MN.
Am also sending you a pm.

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