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Any need for parent helpers YR6?

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MrsChiefTyrell Fri 10-Jul-15 22:12:47

Strange situation. My son is about to leave year 6. His teacher has been excellent and is really a great teacher.

I am studying a childhood and youth degree and now need to be volunteering or working in a school one day a week for the next part of my course.

I was thinking of contacting her teacher and asking if he needs a volunteer parent helper fr next school year one day or two half days a week. I have a clean DBS and have done it before reading with the chikdren, wall displays, crafts and cooking in small groups plus all the general photocopy and tidying up.

Will he find this really weird that I'm offering to help after she has left?
They have a TA but only one for 3 classes. Do teachers in Year ) want or have any need for parent volunteers? Are you a yr 5 or 6 teacher? Would this be of any help to you?

I just don't want to put him in a situation of feeling awkward and declining. I'm thinking of emailing him about this for this reason too.


TheTroubleWithAngels Fri 10-Jul-15 22:21:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsChiefTyrell Fri 10-Jul-15 22:38:24

Thanks for the reply.

No, I don't need anything from the teacher or the school- no observations or assessments or anything like that. They don't need to be involved in any way- I just need to be volunteering in a classroom and sign to say I have and also so I can use various situations as examples in a couple of my written assessments. One day a week is easy for me, I'm a SAHM and only part time studying.

We have another week or so left. I haven't asked until now as I feel a little awkward, well, that he might think it's odd I'm offering to be a parent helper once I'll no longer be a parent of his class! smile I could choose another school but I know this schoo and its local and I'd quite like to be able to give something back as they've been great for us.

Ferguson Fri 10-Jul-15 23:18:50

When I was first a 'parent helper', mostly supporting younger readers, at one time the Head asked me to do a bit with his Yr6 class, to boost the reading, fluency and comprehension of children who were about to move on to Secondary school.

So I think the fact that you are known to the school and teacher is good, I don't think teachers are 'shy' to say NO, if they need to, but there is always need for additional support in most classes. One of my very first 'readers' turned up in another school, SEVENTEEN years later, when she was in her final year of Teacher Training, and SHE needed to direct ME in the classroom!

You never know how things are going to turn out, or what the future holds!

cariadlet Sat 11-Jul-15 00:16:57

No harm in asking. The teacher certainly wouldn't find it weird, especially if you explain why you need the experience.

I've only ever taught KS1 so don't have experience of working with parents in KS2. We don't seem to have many in my school, but I'm not sure it that's because they tend to go back to work as the children get older, because the children no longer nag for their parents to come in or because the teachers don't actively seek parental support in class.

The TAs in KS2 always seem to have plenty to do, so I expect that another pair of hands would be welcome. When offering to help, you could always say that you would be happy to help out in another year group if the Year 6 teacher didn't need a volunteer. Foundation and Key Stage 1 teachers would be very keen for you to come in and support them.

BrilliantDayForTheRace Sat 11-Jul-15 05:29:40

I think as long as you have a good relationship with the school they'll let you.

But if you've ever annoyed the HT no chance smile

var123 Sat 11-Jul-15 09:02:34

I'd have thought that they'd have bitten your hand off! Filing, photocopying, sanity checking adding up on sats papers... I think they'll find plenty to keep you busy. If not, maybe you could split your time between two classes?

Moleyjay Sat 11-Jul-15 09:07:56

I'm a year 6 teacher and would be delighted to take you up on your offer. I'm always looking for people to hear readers, laminate, back display work etc. I only have 1 hour TA support but patents don't seem to offer in upper key stage 2

Starlightbright1 Sat 11-Jul-15 10:06:06

I used to help in a year 5/6 class. I was always busy.. I used to listen to readers particualry the weak readers.. Helped with reading oout questions for practise sats papers..Laminated,photo copied, ran errands.

In our school you can't help in your won childs class. I also helped at pre school when my DS was in school

BitOfABoost Sat 11-Jul-15 22:31:13

I have helped in a Y5 class - always plenty to do. Offer your help to the teacher and to the head. Give them your mobile/email address to get back to you rather than them having to answer you on the spot.

BackforGood Sun 12-Jul-15 00:38:42

Plenty to do, and, as others have said, far fewer volunteers with the older children.
The best way is to say just what you've said in your posts here - combining the fact that you have been delighted with what the school have given you, and you'd like to give back, with the fact that you need to be able to claim some experience working in a school but there's not reports or assessments for them to write about you.
You can then say - 'Obviously I know you'll need to ask the HT if there is any issue with this' , (and give your e-mail address or phone number) or something similar, and then it gives them an easy 'get out' if they didn't want you, but also possibly (if they don't) then they can 'pass you on' to another teacher.
Some teachers don't like having people in, but others would love it.

louisejxxx Sun 12-Jul-15 07:37:57

I don't think it's odd for you to ask now at all - they won't bat an eyelid if you say you need to the experience for a course.

Dragonboobs Sun 12-Jul-15 07:41:04

I'm a year 6 teacher and would bite your hand off. Not many parents volunteer in ks2 esp 5/6. Also helps that you don't have a child in the class. Makes you even more useful in some ways.

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