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How to tell a school that you accepted an offer from that you no longer intend to go there?

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fireflym Fri 10-Jul-15 17:08:26

My son is 4 and due to start reception this september. There has been a huge thing at his nursery (and the whole local area) as no one got in who already goes there and we are being sent nearly 2 miles away to a terrible school (it's an academy that has been in special measures for over a consistent 10 years), no one who got offered there from my sons school has accepted it. I stupidly followed advice from the admissions team who told me to accept it even though I was appealing the decision. I lost the appeal but decided that it would be better to homeschool my son until he gains a place somewhere else as he is at the top of pretty much all the lists of other local schools. I rang the admissions team to ask how I go about taking him off that school (I assumed as everything else has been done through them that they would be the first to need to know that too) but the lady seemed a bit unhappy that I wanted to take my son out of the offered school when he doesn't have another place and therefore didn't really help and kind of said, "I don't know you need to send it in writing to us and phone the school to ask them". I have emailed both the admissions team and the school to tell them he won't be able to attend, is this enough or is there something else I need to do? (I tired ringing the schoool but they must have left for the day) any advice is great thankyou as this is my only child so never done this before :/ thankyou in advance! smile

LIZS Fri 10-Jul-15 17:12:26

That should cover it . Presumably you are aware that the LA don't have to offer an alternative and you will need to ensure that your child is still on relevant waiting lists come September.

fireflym Fri 10-Jul-15 17:19:37

thankyou, that's a relief. They did tell me at the appeal I would have to put him on the lists again after september, luckily as I wouldn't have known to do that :/ I didn't really want to have to not have a school in place but it would cost too much for me to take the two buses to get tot the school every day and the uniform is one with unusual colours so you have to buy it all through the school shop and not cheap like white shirts/black trousers etc as asda! too much for possibly only a few months. I would do it if I had to but the school rating is so low that I think I would be better homeschooling him for a few months as I also have someone who is a school teacher that I can ask advice from if I need to. i just hope that it is enough as I also have got a school that I'm seeing next week (not on he is on any list for) who have spaces and I don't want it to be complicated if they do offer him a place there! so frustrating as we live 700 metres away from his current school and he missed out by 200 metres sad and wasnt offered any of the 5 closer schools in our area

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